By September 22, 2011

$1 Butter Box Review

I like being able to buy wacky things as topics for Gibberish. Sometimes the things I buy turn out to be awesome, like the SqueezeIt toothpaste squeezy thingy, or the crazy scalp massager. Sometimes the items are terrible, like the 3M Scotch Fur Fighter hair removal tool.

And sometimes I buy items that just make me wonder, “WTF?”

Behold the $1 Butter Box from Big Lots.


Now, a $1 butter box may sound like the title for a cheap adult movie, but it’s a useful little contraption. It holds one, and only one, stick of butter. Sedagive? intends to use it for softening up sticks of frozen butter in the microwave for baking. The glass butter dish we usually use can get messy if she lets the butter heat up too much.

The butter box is made out of plastic; the door is is held on by a plastic hinge. Opening and closing the butter box is easy. It is easier to get the butter out compared to our butter dish. I use a dinner knife and scrape the sides and edges out. We waste less butter with the box.

It’s like a coffin. For butter.

One thing I dislike about the butter box is that it’s a too narrow. The butter we buy from Costco may be thicker than normal, but it’s messy putting the stick of butter in the box to begin with. Sticks frozen through should be easier to trap inside of their plastic tomb, but be aware that there may be some cleanup involved if things are at room temperature.

Do I recommend the butter box? Well, do you need it? Who cares? It’s a $1 and a weird little contraption. We may wind up getting some actual usage out of ours. But be creative. You could use it to store Q-tips, wooden matches and some burn-o-balls in your emergency kit, or put some crayons inside for your kids. It would make a good box for “loaner” dice — you know, all the mismatched D8s and D10s you’ve collected over the years.

Next time you’re in Big Lots (or your local equivalent), look around for this quirky little container.

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5 Comments on "$1 Butter Box Review"

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  1. Nick says:

    If you enjoy butter regularly, you should be all up in a butter bell:

    • DrFaulken says:

      The butter bell is a great idea, but we don’t consume butter directly in mass quantities. Sedagive? uses it mostly for baking. I don’t remember the last time I put butter directly on something at the house. 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    “Opening and closing the butter box is easy.” That’s what she said.

  3. The Accountant says:

    Nick, reading that site I see either people love the butter bell or hate it. The hate seems to come from one main item – having the butter fall into the water. The critics on that seem to think they are somehow mechanically screwing up, by not knowing/realizing a simple trick to the device. Any advice if I have that problem? (thinking about getting it)

  4. Jenner says:

    When I came to California one of the strange things I came upon was that butter is not in a traditional stick. Here it customarily comes in a stick that is about 60% of the length of east coast butter and the overall diameter has to increase to make the same quantity. Result? None of the butter containers I have fit the fat squatty sticks we have here.

    Now who went and screwed up a perfectly good US standard like that?