By September 28, 2005

$100 closer to a dream

I was on my way back from Maryland today. I picked up Monty from Alexa and was stuck in traffic — three cars decided to take on a gas tanker, and all southbound traffic was shut down on I-95.

On a whim, I called Jarman’s Sport Cycles of Charlottesville, Virginia. Bond bought his R6 from them, and he said they were much friendlier than the Yamaha dealer on Cool Street here in Richmond.

Doc: “Hi there, do you have any FZ6s in stock?”
Greg the Salesman: “Yes, we have a blue one and a silver one.”
Doc: “!!! I’m interested in the silver one. What’s the list price on the bike?”
Greg: “The bike retails for $6600.”

So, keep in mind that Kyle is selling his (also 05) FZ6 for $6100. It has 2700 miles on it, and while in 99% great shape, he did drop it and the bike has some cosmetic blemishes.

Doc: “Great. What’s the total out the door price? I am pre-approved through my bank and need to get the exact amount for the loan. I’m ready to buy.”

Ah, the four great words of power when buying anything.

Greg: “Well, since tomorrow is my last day, I’d be happy to sell the silver one to you for $6600 out the door. That’s tags, title, tax, prep, everything. I can hold it for you for a $100 deposit.”

Sold. I scrambled around, calling Bond to see if he knew anyone with a motorcycle trailer. I called Greg back and put the deposit down on the bike.

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I’m not sure at this point exactly how I’m going to get the bike home. There are a few options, and none of them are ideal.

Option 1 involves me driving the bike back from Charlottesville on Route 250, otherwise known as Broad Street. It’s a longer way to go than the traditional interstate route, but the max speed on all those roads is 55.

Option 2 involves the same scenario as Option 1, except Bond will drive the bike back.

Option 3 involves putting a trailer hitch on my trusty new steed Monty and renting a motorcycle trailer in Charlottesville. I’ll trailer the bike back and return the trailer here in Richmond.

I’m going to finalize the paperwork with the bank tomorrow. I won’t be able to get the bike today anyway — too many meetings at work and Lady Jaye and I are interviewing puppies tonight. My protective gear is on the way, but probably won’t get here until Friday. Which means that I’ll need to buy a jacket and gloves locally (a major pain in the ass, which is why I bought my gear over the internet) if I want to motor it back myself.

Stay tuned 🙂

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3 Comments on "$100 closer to a dream"

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  1. configuratrix says:

    Did you want some more parking lot time before driving on the open road yourself?

    Congrats on getting closer to the dream!

  2. drfaulken says:

    I definitely would have liked some more putting around, particularly on the new bike. The FZ6 is a far cry from the 250cc Virago I rode in my safety class. It’s going to be a little embarrassing if I stall or dump the bike right out of the dealership 🙂

  3. configuratrix says:

    BTW the picture looks really nice (Panda: cool!) on the click-through (even more so than the inset). We’re debating where the Hello Kitty stickers should go!