By July 14, 2009

100 Pushup Challenge Update: Week Five is Week Four Again

The end of the 100 Pushup Challenge’s Week Four is an all-out stress test to see how many pushups you can do at once without stopping. I could do forty before I started the program, and figured I was sandbagging. I was excited to do the test at the end of Week Four; after all I had been cranking out a lot of pushups and going to failure in the last two weeks. Plus, I was skeptical that I would be able to go from forty pushups to 100 in just four weeks.

I knocked out thirty without a problem. I felt strong, I felt like I had made an improvement. As I approached forty, my arms and chest started to get very weak. My rate slowed, and by forty I was creeping along. I completed forty-five reps before my arms were shaking. Done.

Yes, it’s an improvement, but a little over 10% in two weeks isn’t going to get me from forty to 100 any time soon.

However, doing forty-five at once puts me into the hardest category of Week Five. That’s nice, but I couldn’t finish Week Four’s workouts without taking extended rests or without cheating.

So I’m going back down to Week Four, and I’m going to do the middle column this time. I am going to do it all by the book and see if I can hit each rep without doing breaking pace or form.

Overall, my body feels softer than it did before the 100 Pushup Challenge. I think the total body workout I was getting from the Beach Body programs put me in better physical condition. I really want to get to 100 consecutive pushups, but at this rate I may not achieve it for another month. I don’t think I can take being off of a full-body workout for that long.

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