By July 9, 2009

100 Pushup Challenge Update

Yesterday I finished the fifth session in my 100 Pushup Challenge workout. I started out in Week Three of six weeks according to my initial failure test results. I did forty during the placement test, which put me “column three,” the most intense of the three possible weekly workouts.

The first two sessions were cake, but now my body is asking me why I didn’t sandbag even more.

The current workout is four sets of pushups, with the second set being the highest number of repetitions. The fifth set is a “max” rep set, where you try to do as many pushups as you can without failure. Here’s what Week Three, Day Two, Column Three (W3D2C3) looks like:

Set 125
Set 229
Set 325
Set 425: 15 – 10 split
Set 5Max out (at least 36): I did 18 – 10 – 8 split

There is a ninety second rest in between sets.

I felt good after the first two sets. By set three I was really feeling it in my shoulders and triceps, but I was able to complete all twenty-five repetitions without stopping. Set four killed me. I did fifteen reps, waited five seconds, and then finished the final ten. I knew I was going to be in trouble on the max set (thirty-six??) and so I waited an extra thirty seconds. After my two minute rest, I got down and did really well for the first ten reps. I ran out of gas quickly and struggled to the halfway point. I took a ten second rest and then did ten more. The last eight were done “girl style” with my knees on the ground. It was still tough.

The prior day (W4D1C3) was actually a little bit tougher, even though there were fewer repetitions. I decided not to do P90 Basic phase 03 on Tuesday in preparation for yesterday. Even though the phase 03 workout is technically cardio, there are three rounds of punching that I do … vigorously. I am not sure if taking Tuesday off helped or not, we’ll find out as I am resuming my P90 Basic “filler” days today.

I am disappointed in my progress. I don’t like stopping to rest in between reps, or taking extended breaks. However, each workout is pushing me to exhaustion, and I feel like I am getting stronger. W3D1C1 involved sets of fourteen reps — going to twenty-one in one week is a pretty big jump. Even though I had to rest and do alternate style-pushups, I still did 140 reps yesterday. That’s pretty sweet.

So, I don’t know what to think. I am going to finish this week up and then do the interim max rep test to see how much I’ve really progressed.

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