By November 30, 2006

3000 miles and running

Last January I made a pledge to ride 3000 miles by spring. I accomplished my goal by April, 2006 and have put about 8000 miles on my bike since purchasing it last fall.

I am going to put another three thousand miles on Cylon before next April, which might be an interesting feat if the weather is worse this year than last year. It’s over 70 right now, but when it has been cold, it has been cold. The humidity really makes the cold stick to your bones out here. Anyway, probable short-distance ride destinations include Williamsburg, Charlottesville, and Rockville. I had considered going to Charleston, SC based on some feedback from the Ars Lounge, but that’s too far to leave Lady Jaye and the dogs behind on a “just because” trip.

I have considered trying to find some independent coffee roasters within 200 miles of Richmond, but haven’t quite figured out a way to search for that yet.

Anyway, please join me in welcoming the “Winter Miles” tag back into active use.

Winter miles so far: 110.

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  1. I’m going to Charleston SC for a wedding in January. I was a little alarmed by email this week in which the bride casually mentioned she’s bleaching her teeth for the wedding.

  2. Stomper says:

    You might want to check out this site – they may list some coffee houses that you’d like around the number of miles away that you want. You can search by state on the site.

  3. seeyo says:

    Let me know if you end up going to Charleston, brother in law is a local cop and Citadel alumn.. . he could probably show you a hell of a night on the town 🙂