By January 25, 2006

3000 Miles By Spring?

Note: I posted this yesterday but figured that after a rather dry LJ spell I wouldn’t cram three entries in one day. Enjoy.

I have about 1400 miles on Cylon thus far. I’d like to keep with the sport-standard tradition of the bike and ride for as deep into the winter as possible. I haven’t installed my heated undergrips yet or hacked my lowbeams to both be on at the same time (I’m afraid to do the wiring). Aside from that, however, there isn’t much reason for me to stop riding unless it’s raining and/or colder than 35 degrees out. Unfortunately, thanks to my last real ride out in the cold I’m a bit nervous about venturing out along the highway at colder temperatures.

Nevertheless, I’d like to put in a total of 3000 miles before the average air temperature is 60 degrees this year. If I recall correctly, the February and March months are particularly gnarly in Richmond, with rain and some snow being the typical weather pattern. My buddy Bond will have to validate this, as it’s been some time since I’ve gone through a winter here.

Total winter miles so far: 0

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