By March 14, 2008

5000 mostly unread posts on Ars Technica

I hit a milestone today at my old friend, the Ars Technica forums. Appropriately enough, it was about motorcycling. Hitting 5000 posts isn’t a big deal in and of itself. There are many users with far more posts than that, and as the Internet maxim goes, “you are not your post count.”

However, today’s milestone seemed like a good time to do a little self-reflection on my life. I joined Ars in August of 1999. What’s happened to me during my membership at Ars? Let’s see, in no particular order.

  • I moved from Virginia, to Oregon, to Virginia, to Maryland, to Virginia.
  • Had eight physical addresses, five phone numbers, two instant messaging usernames, and one catch-all email address.
  • I bought and sold an Eagle Talon, Isuzu Amigo, Subaru Impreza WRX, MINI Cooper S, Honda Element, Mitsubishi Montero, and a Pontiac Solstice. I am currently on a Mazda Mazdaspeed3 wagon. For now. 😉
  • Bought my first motorcycle. Rode to a cool place or two.
  • Crashed and burned on five relationships of a year or longer.
  • Bought and sold a home on Oregon, own a home in Virginia.
  • Made a lot of friends, online and off.
  • Lost some friends.
  • My niece graduated from high school.
  • Worked six different places as nine different roles.
  • Been laid off twice, once was a total company shutdown with three days’ notice.
  • 9/11 attacks.
  • Adopted three awesome dogs.
  • Got snipped.
  • Owned five kinds of consoles, probably over a dozen computers, and played a hojillion hours of computer games.

Yes, a lot of other stuff happened. I decided not to put some things up in here for personal or pedantic reasons. If you’re not on the list, don’t fret; I still remember you. Probably.

I don’t know if my fascination with this type of personal history is due to realizing that things are always changing, and retrospectives are an attempt to freeze a moment into permanence. Could be that I just organize things in my brain chronologically more than any other way, and this is how my memory manifests itself. I recently asked a friend of mine when a picture was taken, and she had to sketch together a similar event timeline in order to attempt an answer. “So and so was with whom and whom, and that was 2006, so ….”

I’m sure there some sort of word or phrase for this way of thinking, like temporal cognosis or something. All I know is that Ars has been a big part of my life for almost a decade, and I am glad to pony up my $50 a year to keep the lights on.

Thanks Ars, here’s to another 5000 posts of obscurity.

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  1. Ed says:

    You didn’t crash and burn on your relationships, you grew and learned and wait wiser for the next one – Love from Ed

  2. Father says:

    It’s ok that you don’t remember some of our more special moments; it’s enough for me that the smell of chloroform makes you think of me.