By November 28, 2005

52, overcast, and righteous

I was out riding today. The weather was a little cold (50s during the day — 28 at night) all holiday weekend, but today marked the beginning of a week with a 50% chance of rain. I was determined to get out before the temperature, and the rain, dropped.

I put my thermals on underneath my leather pants, put on my fleece atop a cotton t-shirt, and zipped up my leather jacket. I put on my CoolMax skullcap and reflective vest. I took my glove liners with me but didn’t wear them underneath my First Gear all-leather gloves. Soon I was zipping down the road, after an intial groan of straddling the bike with cold leather pants. The sky was overcast, but I was warm thanks to my gear. I turned down to where two of our friends live, and was completely in the company of cars.

I didn’t expect to see another motorcyclist out on such a day, with a cool wind whistling through my slightly-open faceshield and rain threatening to slicken the road. But in the middle of a long, two headlighted snake came a single, slightly oscillating headlight. Another biker. I gave him the customary cyclist’s wave: I extended my left arm out and down. But as we drew closer, I smiled widely. This man and I, whom I will probably never see again, were the only two motorcyclists on the road. I wasn’t a Web developer on a FZ6, and he wasn’t a mystery man on a Hayabusa, we were two men struck with cabin fever and afraid that today, this day, might be the last riding day of the season. I gave him an emphatic thumbs up and pumped my arm. He did the same. I’d like to think that inside his full-face helmet, encased in his full leather gear, he was smiling too.

My circuit was short — it indeed started to rain on my way home — but this was by far one of my favorite rides. Perhaps there is a biker brotherhood after all.

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