By March 9, 2009

8 inches of snow to 80 degrees in a week?

I am sure this happens other places in the United States, but Virginia has more than its fair share of crazy weather swings. A week ago yesterday, we got pummeled with eight to ten inches of snow that shut down most of the city for a few days. We don’t really get snow here at all, let alone that amount, so it hit the area pretty hard.

By Wednesday, however, things were heating up. By Friday, the high was in the 70s. I rode to work for the second time since we switched to standard time last fall. I sure as hell missed it, and I was smiling when I walked into work.

Anyway, how in the hell do you go from this:

to this:

in less than a week? Crazy shit.

My buddy Stilts was in town, so we sat outside for a bit and he beat me down at Cribbage.

The dogs enjoyed running around in the sunshine, but I think Porter is more comfortable when the weather is colder. He was much more active when there was snow on the ground.
Pearl says, “send more sunshine!”

I rode around for a couple of hours on Sunday, but I hadn’t slept very well due to a late gaming session on Saturday and the whole time change thing. I didn’t feel comfortable riding for long periods of time when I was sleepy. I wound up taking two naps during the day, and then washed and waxed Kaylee, my Mazdaspeed3. She was very dirty and hadn’t been washed since probably September. There is some sort of sap deposit on her, and I may have to break out the clay bar.

Anyway, the weather is supposed to stay nice this week, which means I may start riding into work for the next seven months. My streak last year was 39 days in a row, so we’ll see if I can ride for more than eight work weeks without using four wheels. 😉

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  1. erin clare says:

    So Austin is notorious for having 28 degree mornings jumping all the way to the high 70s by the afternoon. It is completely bipolar weather here.

    P.S. I just received an AWESOME handmade cribbage board I got as a gift. I’ll post in about it in a few days.

    P.S.S. Guess who’s getting a puppy… 🙂

  2. Starbuck says:

    I see you and Stilts have the evil coconut monkey out.

    Why does it look like pearl is about to burp into the camera 🙂

  3. Configures says:

    Great picture of Pearl!

    yay cribbage and bike rides

  4. ErikW says:

    Hey Doc- just thought I’d say hello to a fellow oilhead, came a across your page when I did a search for Revit Ignition Jacket. You and I ride twin sibling bikes, mine’s an ’03 silver R1150R but it came with chorme valveand belt covers, adds some nice but not too flashy bling.
    Yeah 15 deg and snow monday then 74 and riding the mo in WVA on Sun…crazy weather fur sure.

    Also liked your ride report to GA and how well NOT) your waterproof gear worked. I think anything that says waterproof is BS, eventually it will make its way in…unless maybe you’re wearing a pressurized astronaut suit!