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How to Install a GIVI Top Case Bracket on a 2005 Yamaha FZ6


This tutorial deals with installing the FZ351 GIVI toprack case rack onto a 2005 and 2006 Yamaha FZ6. These instructions should also suffice for 2004 model, as is seems to be identical except for color variations. These instructions are not a substitute for the official GIVI instructions. They should be used as a supplement.

Note: this is a reprint from my wiki article. Thanks to Sp8z and Kyle for edits and help. I have left their edits and tags intact.

Tools Needed

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • 4mm Allen wrench
  • 5mm Allen wrench
  • 12mm socket
  • 13mm box wrench
  • flathead screwdriver
  • rubber mallet
  • scissors
  • A helper is strongly recommended. You may want to make sure they don’t have an aversion to foul language.


Removing the plasticy bits

1. Remove the seat.

2. Remove the bolts holding the plastic fenders of the FZ6 using a 4mm Allen wrench.

3. Remove the bolts holding the tail lamp/sissy bar plastic assembly with a 12mm socket.

4. Remove the fender by pressing against the retaining flange with a flathead screwdriver. Apply the flat of the blade (not the tip) of the screwdriver against the tip of the flange. The other flange will pull away easily after the first one is released.

5. Remove side bolts using a 12mm socket.

6. Detach the brake light plug from the wiring harness on the left side of the bike by pulling it apart with your hands.

7. Remove the two screws underneath the tail lamp/sissy bar plastic assembly with a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

8. Remove the tail lamp/sissy bar plastic assembly by pulling towards the end of the tailpipes. There is a flexible plastic tab you will have to manipulate free by pulling straight back.

Attaching the top of the tubular rack

1. You may have to remove the exhaust cover. One of the tubes on my frame was missing a cap and had room for the rack. The other cap was still on, and was obstructed by the exhaust cover. You may be able to remove the exhaust cover with a #2 Phillips. All I managed to do was strip the heads on the over-torqued screws. I improvised by bashing the exhaust cover down with a rubber mallet. God forgive me.
Edit by Sp8z: You may be able to remove the screws by using vice-grips on the edge of the screw head to get it started. I replaced these screws with hex cap screws from a hardware store. Edit by Kyle (’07 FZ6): I put a #2 Phillips bit into a socket wrench and used that to free it. Worked very well.

2. Build the cylinder assembly by putting the cone-shaped nut into the cylinder ”’narrow side first”’.

3. Use a rubber mallet to hammer in the cylinder assembly. Edit by Sp8z: The cone is used to flare the split cylinder and lock the cylinder in place. Install the 65mm screw to keep the cone from coming loose and rolling into the frame. Don’t tighten the screw super tight, just until the screw head is against the cylinder. If it doesn’t go easy, loosen the screw. Shouldn’t take more than 3-4 hits to seat the cylinder.

4. The GIVI instructions tell you to insert the 65mm bolt into each cylinder assembly, and to not tighten them all the way with a 5mm Allen wrench. In retrospect, I believe this step is unnecessary, as you wind up removing the 65mm bolt again in order to mount the frame onto the cylinder assembly. I am leaving this step in the process for completion’s sake. Edit by Sp8z: At this point the screws should already be installed. After the cylinder is installed, crank on the head to force the cone into the split cylinder to lock the cone and cylinder into place. Once the cone and cylinder are locked into place, remove the screw.

5. Apply the protective foam-backed tape to the C-shaped pieces. Cut the excess with scissors.

6. Re-attach the muffler cover if necessary. Edit by Sp8z: When I put the muffler cover on, the cylinder didn’t allow the muffler cover screws to line up. I used a dremel tool to remove a small portion of the muffler cover. I also replaced the aluminum philips head screws with steel hex cap screws.

7. Put the 20mm bolt and flat washer provided by GIVI into the bottom mounting hole. Use the “hat” piece from your FZ6 on the other side. Use a 5mm Allen wrench. I swore up a storm during this step: helping hands are definitely recommended.

8. Insert the 65mm bolt from step 4 through the top part of the C-shaped piece. Do not tighten all the way.

9. Attach the top rack arm by screwing a 25mm bolt to the C-shaped piece. Use a 6mm Allen wrench to tighten it most of the way.

10. Put a 20mm bolt and a split washer into the bottom mounting hole. Reuse the hat from step 7. Tighten completely with a 5mm Allen wrench.

11. Tighten the 25mm bolt from step 9 completely.

12. Tighten the 65mm bolt from step 4/8 completely.

13. Put the 25mm bolt through the smaller 6mm washer. Run these two through the top case mounting plate. Secure the bolt with a 6x18mm washer and nut. You will only use four 25mm bolts on the FZ6, even though there are six holes in the top case mounting plate. Tighten with a 5mm Allen wrench and a 13mm box wrench.

14. Place the black plastic caps over the holes in the top case mounting plate.

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  1. Hise Chapman says:

    Thank you so much for this information. It was very helpful… Step 7 what a PITA.. I was making up words!

    Step 1… I was able to use vice grips on the edge of the screw. It was very effective in breaking it loose without stripping the bolt.

    Thanks again.