By July 20, 2006

A Lesser Man

I asked Yoda to caliper me last week before I left for California. It had been a little over a month since my last pinching. I have been doing all sorts of crazy plyometric shit with Yoda, and was interested to see how I was doing. I was also hoping to punish myself, since I haven’t been doing as much cardio as I should be.

We went through the usual ritual: I’d weigh in without shoes on, then Yoda would give me the multi-pinch with the calipers. I have dropped even more weight since last time, down to 182 pounds. I was 24 years old the last time I weighed this little. Yoda measured the same sites as last time. He entered the results into the software that records my progress.

“Wow,” he said.

My stomach soured. He was blocking the monitor and I couldn’t see. “Wow what? Is it bad?”

He stepped aside. “Twelve percent. That’s pretty awesome.”

Just like that, I met my goal a month early. Sure, I almost threw up during several of our workout sessions and I had to be sent home early during a set. It wasn’t a cake walk, but it was much easier to get down to 12% with Yoda’s assistance than doing it on my own in 2001. What should I do now? Ten percent?

Total weight loss: 7 pounds

Total change in body fat percentage: -9%

Total fat loss: 17.85 pounds

Rank on the Jaine Parr Badass Scale: Cut

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  1. Ed says:

    I want to get back to 180-190, but can’t afford a trainer now. What do you think, cardio every day to start off?

  2. drfaulken says:

    I’d suggest 240 minutes of cardio a week, however you can get it in. For me, that was 4×60 minutes.

    Take an mp3 player with you 🙂

  3. Bond says:

    congrats Hoss, keep it up and you’ll be all Bruce Lee action like me :p