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a smart deposit?

I belong to the USA smart automotive company “insiders’ club,” which was not much more than an email list. Until today. Today insiders were allowed to put down a $99, refundable deposit two weeks before the general public on a smart Pure (the base model), the Passion (loaded), or the Passion Cabriolet convertible. The email stated prices would start at $12,000, $14,000 and $17,000 respectively.

I put a deposit on a “triple black” Passion. I’m tired of convertibles for now, and the added retractable roof mechanism weighs an extra 60+ pounds and probably eats up precious cargo space. When the car only has like 61HP to begin with, sixty pounds is a lot of weight to shed.
An approximation of what my reserved car may look like. This is the UK model, I know the US model will at least have different headlamps.

The US smart fortwo will have a five speed manual transmission as standard. There’s an auto option, but I’m not interested. Other standard features, at least as far as I know:

  • 15″ wheels
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Electronic stability system (boooo)
  • Glass roof
  • Intermittent windshield wipers
  • Air conditioning
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob
  • Cloth seats — thank god, I’m tired of leather seats in cars
  • Power locks and windows, keyless entry
  • Rear window defroster

I’m not sure what options are going to be available to the US, nor for how much money. I hope that they won’t load the car up with shit I don’t want, and will allow for some level of custom ordering. I want side air impact bags and heated seats, but could care less about daytime running lights, cruise control, or a multi-disc CD player.

Here’s the full email I got from smart. Keep your fingers crossed, I should hear again from them in about eight or nine months.

Our $99 Reservation Program will be open to the general public in just two weeks. But starting today, we are offering you, our smart “insiders”, an exclusive two-week window to reserve the 2008 smart fortwo of your choice, down to the colors!

The process is simple. You can make your reservation just by clicking on the link below. Simply fill out the form with your personal information, including your driver’s license number. Then, choose the model and colors of the smart fortwo you want to reserve – the entry-level pure model starting under $12,000*, the well-equipped passion coupe model starting under $14,000*, or the well-equipped passion cabriolet, starting under $17,000* (additional details on all models are available on the Product page at

Following this, make your reservation for $99 through a secure credit card transaction online. Reservations are accepted from all 50 states.

After you’ve reviewed and submitted your personal information, car preferences and payment, your official confirmation certificate with reservation number will appear onscreen. Your certificate can be printed from the site and will also be emailed to your account.

During the second half of 2007, the dealer assigned to your area will contact you directly to formalize your order and vehicle options, work out the details of your purchase agreement and arrange for delivery. Your $99 will then be applied to the purchase of your fortwo. It’s that simple.

If at any time you would like to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund, please call 1-800-smart-USA.

The smart USA team will continue to send you monthly updates on the smart fortwo, including information on vehicle features and accessories, the dealer network, and the US Road Show. Be sure to follow the tour map that we will post in late spring to our website. When the Road Show stops in your city, local “insiders” will be invited to attend exclusive information sessions and test drives of the new fortwo. It will truly be an exciting chance to get up close and personal with the new fortwo.

We will share the exciting news about our unique $99 Reservation Program with the rest of the USA in two weeks when we post the link on our smart USA website. However, as smart insiders, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to reserve your very own fortwo before the general public, so take advantage of this special chance now!

Click here to place your reservation today!

*Excluding tax, license, registration, destination charge and options.

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9 Comments on "a smart deposit?"

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  1. roclar says:

    I cannot wait to see if I fit in this little guy!

  2. drfaulken says:

    I was totally, 100% thinking exactly the same thing. I wonder if it’s worth getting the removable glass ceiling just so your head could poke through. 🙂

  3. roclar says:

    I figure I should be ok on the head room. I have only had headroom issues in a Del Sol. I am more concerned with leg room both in the amount and the shape of the space. I have been foiled by many a glove box.

  4. Ed says:

    Now you must resist buying another car until it comes out, and I will be proud of you (as an accountant).

  5. Mike says:

    All it needs are some Countach-style doors and a massive wing on the roof.

    Seriously, though, why boooo on stability control? From what I’ve read, it supposedly would prevent a large number of accidents.

  6. Stomper says:

    So I know of some potholes that I pass on my way to work that could swallow the Smart Car whole!! But it’s really cute!

  7. Terri says:

    I was on the reserve list and yes it’s cute and all, but let’s be real here.
    1. The service dept at the Mercedes dealership isn’t going to put you at the top of the repair list.
    2. Parts needed for service may be a bit hard to get immediately at least for the near future.
    and the big one…..
    3. Has anyone noticed the lame 2 year warranty?
    If this is a commuter, you can rack up your limit quickly, even before 2 years. Even a cheap car like a Hyundai can offer a better warranty than 2 years! I’d rather wait to see how reliable they are, and when they can offer a real warranty. This is a novelty car until they are ready to back it up.

  8. Used Acura says:

    I was just reading about the $99 option yesterday on their site. I think a lot of these are going to start selling due to the crzy gas prices right now.

  9. Configures says:

    Hey, I saw a red one of those leaving the parking lot at my new job the other day!

    I’m thinking of selling the Subaru — it’s been a good car, but I’m really getting tired of the lack of cruise control. Tough to know what to get instead, though.