By April 30, 2008

About those TPS reports …

These are the “motivational” posters that I mentioned in my previous post. There is one in every level in every main stairwell.

I don’t know what’s more scary: that someone came up with this, or someone approved it.

What the fuck does this even mean??

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  1. Configures says:

    I don’t think the text is so awful (exploration idea), but the black-and-white modern font theme is pretty bleak-looking.

    It’s better than really bad art, which I saw at an interview Monday morning! Though nothing beats the rat-dog apocalypse wasteland art I encountered (and started adding my own Post-it titles to) two jobs ago. Perhaps I should have taken it as an omen.

  2. It means that you should let go.

    Let go of your inhibitions. Let go of your wishes. Let go of your scruples. Let go and discover how you can serve your company better.

  3. Lisa says:

    I hope it means that you work for pirates.

    I’d like to work for a company that posts motivational posters covered with Bukowski quotes.

  4. Starbuck says:

    That just looks creepy :/

  5. Thomas says:

    The best motivational poster I ever saw was on the wall at Raytheon as you entered the building. The poster was brown, the letters were gold, and it read:

    “Work hard today or work harder tomorrow finding work”

    Check out this link for some excellent demotivators.

  6. angelcityblues says:

    For your review: Fear. Oh, and Motivation.


  7. RawCode says:

    There needs to be a logo of a dead rat in the corner of the poster to signify what exactly they are putting at risk.


  8. Configures says:

    But Thomas, that’s more of an antagonistic poster (it just puts my hackles up) than a motivator, to me!