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Advance Poop Scoop Dog Scooper Review

As my long-time Gibberish readers will know, my dog Porter has a fondness for poop. I’ve tried a few things to curb this behavior, including the For-Bid powder by Alpar Labs, the International Veterinary Science’s anti-gas for dogs pill, and unseasoned meat tenderizer powder by Adolf’s. None of it worked.

One thing that has helped, though, is picking up my three dog’s lawnpresents as quickly as possible.

For this delightfully malodorous task, I turned to the Poop Scoop by Advance.

Construction and operation

Affectionately named “Chompy,” the Poop Scoop is 26.5″ long from end to end. It is made out of plastic except for two metal springs. There is a large handle at one end with a grip lever. Squeezing the grip lever (as if you were making a fist) opens the jaws on the other end of the scoop. Releasing the lever closes the jaws.

The scoop is 5.5″ long x 5.5″ wide x 4.25″ deep.


My dogs are all under fifty pounds. While Pearl is the most “productive” of the three, all of their piles are small in comparison to other dogs I’ve had in my family. The scoop is just a little too small sometimes, but I make Chompy take two smaller bites instead of one big one.

If you have larger dogs, you may want to try a different scoop.

Chompy’s “teeth” are good for picking up piles that are mixed in with leaves or other debris. However, they are also really good at spearing poo nuggets. Now I’m in a pickle — I’m not about to reach down there and pick a piece off, and shaking the scoop around doesn’t seem like a bright idea, either. I tried snapping the jaws rapidly to split the tag-along in two, but that didn’t work.

I’m not sure what a better alternative would be. A flat-mouthed scoop might not be as effective when used in clumps of debris. Regardless, just be prepared for dealing with a little bit left between Chompy’s otherwise fearsome toofs.

Durability and problems

Despite spendings the entirety of its eight month life outside, the Advance Poop Scoop has held up very well. I was concerned about the metal springs getting rusty in the rain, but they are just as bright today as when I assembled the scooper in February.

Sedagive? does the majority of our patrol duty. She mentioned that the length of the Advance Poop Scoop is a little short for her. She’s also reported that the scoop sometimes locks open when going for really big bites.


For less than $17 shipped from Amazon (I have Prime), the Poop Scoop by Advance is a good, basic scooper. There are more expensive models with a metal jaw or longer handles, but the Poop Scoop gets the job done.

There are other scoopers of similar design on Amazon, and probably available elsewhere. As far as I can tell they are identical except for color and name.

I wish the handle was a little longer, but not enough to push me to buy a different product.

Strongly recommended.

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  1. Mike b says:

    I’ve heard feeding your dog pineapple will keep it from enjoying ” tootsie rolls”

    Something about when they digest the pineapple it screws up the taste on the second round and ruins all the fun.