By June 14, 2006

Alcon Opti-free Supra Clens Daily Protein Remover

As mentioned earlier this March, I’ve started wearing really really soft disposable toric contact lenses from Accuvue. They are flimsy — even for disposables. At first, wearing them for the two week max period was tough. The contacts were scratchy the last three days, and I wouldn’t wear them as long as I normally would. I figured that this was due to protein build up. Even though my daily multipurpose cleanser said it removed protein during the overnight soak, I wasn’t convinced. I remember having to drop de-protein-izer (?) pills in with my Aosept or other contact cleaning products. Surely contact cleaning technology hasn’t advanced that much 😉

So I picked up a 3mL bottle of Alcon Opti-free Supra Clens Daily Protein Remover. Holy shit, say that three times quickly. It was about $9 from Target. If it didn’t help out, it was still cheaper than tossing a pair of disposables three or four days ahead of schedule.

The directions were simple: insert one drop (and ONLY ONE DROP!! OMG MY EYES! kidding) into each lens holder after cleaning the contacts as normal. I think there’s a six hour wait before you can put them back in, but that is never really a problem for me. I was still skeptical since it seemed so easy — no additional rubbing, or tablets, voodoo mysticism, whatever.

I was pleasantly surprised to wear my contacts for the full two weeks without discomfort. I throw them away every payday regardless of how they feel, but I sensed that I could wear them even longer than two weeks. I tore a hole in one of my lenses, so I’m actually testing this theory out (it’ll be three weeks this time instead of two).

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the Alcon daily protein drops. There were lesser-cost alternatives at Target, and I wonder if it’s worth saving a few bucks against a product that already works well. If you wear contact lenses of any kind, I highly recommend these drops.

Alcon Opti-free Supra Clens Daily Protein Remover, I blink out:

Five out of five STFU mugs!
full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug

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16 Comments on "Alcon Opti-free Supra Clens Daily Protein Remover"

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  1. BARBARA says:

    THese people SUCK. I’ve been using the protein remover for FIVE years and now they just removed it from the market – no warning – nothing. Just an “alcon” statement of SCREW you all you consumers who used it and need it, we could care LESS about you!!

    My suggestion? STOP buying ANYTHING with the ALCON name and send a message right back to them so they know consumers cannot be treated like this!

  2. Ini says:

    Yeah, why did they take this product off the market? What is a good alternative to cleaning the protein from your lenses? Alcon sucks!

  3. Patsy Reno says:

    I havwe used Supra Clens for years and don’t have any idea who would remove it, probably the contact lens makers as it does make your lens last twice as long and confortably.

    Where can I get this product?

  4. drfaulken says:

    Have no fear! I got this response back from Alcon:

    Thank you for your interest in Alcon products. The Supraclens is
    currently on backorder and may not be available until Spring 2008. We
    apologize for the inconvenience. We have no substitution for this
    product. Should you require further assistance you may contact us toll
    free at 1-800-757-9195.

    Thank you,
    Alcon Customer Service

  5. bassoonchick says:

    I am a faithful Opti-free Express and Supra Clens user for 10 years now and I am scrambling to find it. I love it and need it.
    In Toledo, OH- where I’m from, the Rite Aid’s, Kroger’s and Meijer’s have all stopped carrying Supra Clens. The Pharm is the only one who still has it. I bought 3 boxes from one store and checked out the other 2 stores. One Pharm store had 11 boxes, I was amazed! I know where all the Supra Clens is in Toledo!

    If you can’t find it locally, there is always eBay.. but the price inflation is ridiculous.

  6. 2roads says:

    I wonder who made this lousy decision? Spring 2008 is a long and vague timeline. I agree with Patsy:

    “probably the contact lens makers as it does make your lens last twice as long and comfortably.”

  7. barbara says:

    Said it before and i’ll say it again, STOP buying ALCON products ALTOGETHER, it’s marketing ploy..they MAKE the product, there is no need to “backorder” it…so, send a message and don’t buy from them ever again…the whole ebay thing is also a rip off..ALCON is the ENRON for this year in my book….may they all rot in vendor hell!

  8. Connie says:

    Hi All – Upon reading the response drfaulken rec’d from Alcon (see above), I contacted them, too, and rec’d a little more info:

    “Thank you for your inquiry. The issue with SupraClens is obtaining one
    of the raw materials that is used to make the product. We apologize for
    the inconvenience. Thank you, Alcon Customer Service”

    So, they have NOT discontinued the product, and it sure doesn’t sound like they’re holding up production on purpose – what would be the point? I’ll be waiting along with the rest of you till it’s back on store shelves – hang in there, everyone.

  9. Sally says:

    Hey, y’all saved me some research. I used my last two drops of Supra Clens night before last(had to jump up and down on that little bottle to get enough for two whole drops!). I tried something new last night, but I haven’t put my eyes in yet so I don’t know if it’s any good. Nevertheless, I’ll definitely go back to the “good stuff” when it comes back!

  10. Douchebag says:

    FYI Alcon makes great products but you can save a lot of money by buying alcon products sold under generic labels. Rite Aid, Target and several other private lable contact solutions are made by alcon. You can check by looking at the patents. If its the same patented formula its made by alcon. Also for those in need of protein removal check to see if the old fashion pills are still around. not as convient as drops but better than nothing

  11. IamHere says:

    FYI – You can buy this still from I ordered 20 boxes of it this morning and got free shipping, plus $10 off.

  12. hawaii says:

    Iamhere – what was the expiration date on the Surpa Clens you bought from Bothy my son and I use this product. Thanks.

  13. NewYork,NewYork says:

    After looking for it for weeks, I finally found SuperClens in CVS yesterday, but they changed the packaging and it no longer brings the free lens case so now you have to buy it seperately AND the price has not gone down! Not cool!!!

  14. Nydia Rodriguez says:

    So my eye doctor tells me…
    “your eyes are building up too much protein..and there’s a lot of gunk on your contacts…I either recommend you to dispose of the contacts sooner than 1 month…or get this product called Supra-Clens…which will help with your build-up”
    Of course I had to try to damn product…my company insurance only covers a certain dollar amount on eye care…which is a year supply of contacts…if I have to start disposing them in only 2 weeks…I’ll only be able to be covered for 6 months worth of contacts…
    So I look online…and I see all these comments about people stating can’t find the product on the shelf anymore…so I panic…
    I go to the market…not there…
    I go to another store…again…there’s a price tag…but again…not there…
    So I go to Wal-mart…and suprisingly…it’s there…so I buy everything in
    It was only 4 boxes…but I wasn’t going to take my chances…
    I’ve been using the product for 3 weeks…and as far as I can tell…It works!!!

    Thank goodness!!!

  15. anne says:

    Wow, Nydia, what insurance do you have that covers contacts and eye care?!
    thanks you all for writing here, very helpful. Lost the directions to my little bottle, rarely use it, dropped my eyes in the solution a couple hrs ago and couldn’t remember how long they have to soak. Wearing my funky glasses til then. Thanks you all. 🙂

  16. Lpowell says:

    I agree. These little drops are a godsend! I wear a two disposable lens and I have protein problems after just 6 hours of wear. I use these drops at night with my reg solution, works like a charm!