By September 1, 2005

Aluminum PSP Case Review

So on the fourth of August I bought an aircraft-grade aluminum case for my PSP off of eBay from this fellow. It was shipped from Hong Kong and took a little while to get here, but the case arrived without any other issues.

First off, this case is dead sexy. The aluminum is painted with a flat black, and it feels very nice to the touch. It’s lightweight, but gives you the feeling that your PSP will be safe from some serious abrasions while it’s inside.

The case fits very snugly around the PSP. Which seems like a good thing at first, but I’m pretty concerned about the sharper, unprotected edges of the case scratching the PSP. I am particularly concerned about my PSP since I have a DecalGirl vinyl skin.

Like the leather case I reviewed, one of the biggest problems with this case is that you can’t open the UMD loading slot in the back without opening the PSP. While I’ve discovered that with some nimble fingers you can open the UMD slot with the leather case, it’s impossible with the aluminum case unless you take the PSP completely out. Why would one do this? Well, for those of us with 1.50 firmware PSPs it’s important to have easy access to the UMD slot so that you can play ISOs saved to your memory stick via FastLoader.

Just like the Logitech case my friend Bond has, the aluminum case leaves the trigger buttons, DC adapter plug, and USB plug exposed. This is particularly dangerous if you store your PSP in a bag, since dirt, pubes, etc can get inside your expensive toy.

One of the other neat things about the aluminum case is that you can use it as a prop stand for your PSP. This would be nifty if you’re watching movies on your PSP and don’t want to hold it.

There is one serious drawback to the aluminum case, and that is that it scratches parts of the PSP. Here are some gouges, courtesy of the snug corners:

Click on the thumbnail for a close-up, and look inside the red ring I put on the photo. Damn that sucks.

It’s really too bad, because otherwise the case is good protection for the PSP. In fact, pairing it up with the Nakiworld case would be a great one-two punch for protecting your PSP and gear, perhaps a nice middle ground instead of taking the bulky S3/Pelican case.

Alas, with the scratching issue I can’t really recommend this to anyone. Aluminum case, despite your hawtness, I bequeath unto thee:

One half of five STFU mugs

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