By September 8, 2008

An excellent summary on disaster preparedness

One of the benefits to running WordPress is that I can easily see what other sites link to Gibberish articles. Usually incoming links are related to articles I’ve posted recently. However, sometimes folks stumble upon an older link, such as my article on “burn-o-balls,” the cotton balls I made that were dipped in petroleum jelly.

Are You Prepared? is an excellent post found on Gail Rhea’s Sound Off! blog. If you wanted a thorough, one-post rundown on common preparedness strategies and necessities, there it is. After a short introduction on historical disruption of service events, like Hurricane Katrina and the Pineapple Express, Gail covers the preparedness bases for home, car, pets, and personal hygiene. We differ on the importance of biological, chemical, and nuclear preparedness. The now-defunct Geeks In Moderate Preparedness (GIMPs) was an effort to get people to prepare for a two week service outage for “common” disasters. I believed that suggesting that others (understandably) make preparations for other emergencies they would throw up their hands and not do anything.

That is not to say that Gail is wrong — I am just warning folks not to get scared off when you compile the laundry list of things covered in her very well thought out post. Read her post, come back to Gibberish for my take on things and reviews, and then do your best. Even having in case of emergency (ICE) contacts in your mobile phone and a 72-hour kit is better than nothing at all.

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