By October 18, 2006

And I thought I bought a lot of gadgets

I was researching LED flashlights as an alternative to their filament cousins recently. I searched Ars Technica’s forum to see what other readers recommended, and someone pointed me to Dan’s Data. Three hours later, I stopped reading his articles and went to bed, Lady Jaye crashed out next to her pink Nintendo DS Lite.

Dan’s Data is a site chock-a-block full of independent reviews of gadgets and computer hardware from a fellow in Australia. Sure, I talk about random products here on Gibberish, like the Gillette Fusion or mag extenders for my Glock 27. But Dan goes way beyond writing up his impressions. He’s reviewed over forty lighting devices, most with detailed technical information about how much power they draw, light dispersal patterns, and luminosity. Reading Dan’s discussion of these products is humorous as well as a little scary. This guy knows a lot about electronics. Like any good mad scientist, Dan has a mighty array of tools and meters with which to experiment on his newest toys.

Go give him a read, I’m going to be out of town for a few days soon anyway. Maybe by that time you’ll have finished the lighting section yourself. 😉

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