By February 4, 2006

And You Thought Your Mother-in-law Was Bad

I found this Boing-Boing story about a wasp that can mind control a roach, thanks to a link in an Ars Technica forum.

So basically it goes down like this: a particular type of wasp flies down on a roach, stings it in the dome and injects a venom in it’s brain. The roach loses its reflex to flee, and the wasp — get this — can drive the roach around like a pony. Once the wasp and roach arrive back in Wasptown (no, that’s not Indianapolis), the wasp hops off, seals the roach in a little tunnel, and then lays a wasp egg on the roach’s belly. When the egg hatches, the larvae burrows into the roach, whom is still stupefied. The larvae slowly eats the inside of the roach (still alive, mind you) and uses the roach as a cocoon. When grown, the wasp busts out of the roach and flies away to do another Anna Nicole Smith on someone.

As the Boing-Boing article says, this makes the Alien seem warm and cuddly. Holy shit!

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