By September 11, 2007

Another Iron Man movie trailer

Thanks to JonBob for posting about this on the Ars Technica forums: there is a new Iron Man movie trailer in HD available (QuickTime required). Robert Downy, Jr. plays Tony Stark, the weapons dealer/inventor turned superhero turned alcoholic turned superhero again.

Out of all the Marvel heroes I liked — Captain America, Wolverine, etc — I liked Iron Man the most. I felt that Stark was the most human out of all the superheroes, aside possibly from Spider-Man. Stark grappled with the responsibility of his power, and followed a self-destructive spiral down so far he turned his suit over to a good friend. He always seemed the most human of the Marvel A-listers, and certainly had one of the more believable origins.

I hope the Iron Man movie turns out well. I think RDJ is going to be a great Tony Stark; he shares a lot of real-life parallels with the character. I tried to not let the Black Sabbath music in the trailer turn me off; I hope this movie is more serious and less chuckles. Joking around in the helicopter is cute, busting out “Iron Man” during an action sequence is groan-worthy. There are other comic book heroes that could benefit from the tongue-in-cheek treatment — Iron Man is not one of them.

We’ll see in May of 2008.

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