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Anthony Shaving Cream Review

So, shaving one’s face is always a pain. More so when you have hair like mine that is curly and grows in multiple directions. Traditional, one-swipe shaving doesn’t work with me, nor does using Foamy or similar silliness. I can’t use my hands to apply shaving cream; I have to use a badger hair brush. I actually have to shave at least twice to get all the hair on my throat. It’s a big pain, both literally and figuratively.

That being said, I’m always on the hunt for a shaving cream that is thick enough to get my hair to orient in the same direction, but also thin enough that it doesn’t clog up my righteous Mach 3 razor. I also try to stay away from really astringent products, since I get razor burn very easily. A shaving oil or cream with a soothing ingredient is necessary. Oh yeah, smelling nice is a bonus.

One evening while accompanying Lady Jaye to Sephora, I found Anthony Logistics for Men’s Shave Cream.

Beguiled by the catchy product name, I turned the bottle over to look at the ingredients: eucalyptus oil, squalene, aloe vera gel, hops, and vitamins A, B5, C, D and E. Solid. At $15 for a 6 ounce bottle it wasn’t super cheap, but hey, it’s my face we’re talking about.

So, fast forward to the next morning, when I’m actually excited to shave to see what the Shave Cream is all about. I was fresh out of the shower and re-wet my face with very warm water. I filled my Tony the Tiger mug up with very warm water and dropped the razor in to pre-heat. I squeezed out a 1.5″ line of Shave Cream and applied it to my face with my badger hair shaving brush. I expected the line to only cover my face-face, but I wound up being able to apply it to my face and my throat. I was surprised to see how little of the Shave Cream I needed.

The Shave Cream smelled like mint. It smells really good, even to this day. I was a little nervous at how thinly the cream was going onto my face, but I had faith in Anthony and his knowledge of logistics.

Shaving was almost enjoyable! My razor slid over my skin as I did my opening “upside down” swath over my throat. My face was smooth sailing, but that is par for the course. The big challenge is on the return swath over my throat. Not a problem, thanks to the shaving cream. My razor didn’t clog up with shaving cream, either. My usual swish-swish got rid of hair and cream alike. Quite unlike my previous experience with shaving butter — which was absolutely divine to shave with except that I had to take a Q-tip to get all the shit out from my blades.

So, I’m fairly certain I bought the Shave Cream from Sephora’s in the spring of this year. I was still wearing my pullover fleece, which puts us probably in January or February. I still have the same bottle! It is almost out, but six months of shaving ease for $15 is a bargain. Now if they could just devise something that will shave for me ….

Good Points:

  • Very smooth on the skin.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • The cream does what it says — the aloe and vitamins definitely reduced razor burn and cuts
  • Minty fresh!

Nicks and Cuts:

  • Price may turn some off at first, but six months for $15 = pretty good deal.

Anthony Logistics Shaving Cream, I lather you with:

Five out of five STFU mugs!

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  1. configuratrix says:

    I really like your creative pro/con headers (e.g., Nicks and Cuts on this one).