By September 24, 2005

Apparently I have lost the will to read.

At least, the will to finish a book. I missed getting on the couch and reading a good mindless novel. When I moved from NoVA to Maryland, I bequeathed my 400+ library to my friend, The Accountant. I’ve been diligent in my desire to avoid building another stash of books. As such, I miss out on a lot of books I’d otherwise like to read.

When Lady Jaye and I moved to Richmond, I acquired a membership to the county library. What a great idea! I thought — although to be honest the idea came from and Panda. This way I could read whatever book I wanted, but not have to keep it! I imagined myself flying through tome after tome.

Wrong. I have started five books and have only been able to finish one. I made it through Bruce Campbell’s If Chins Could Kill, mostly because I was determined to support one of my favorite actors, and also because I was trapped on a coast-to-coast flight. Second runner up was Jackie Chan’s A Life in Action, I almost made it through but couldn’t beat the last thirty pages. I’d already taken an extension on the due date. Back Jackie went.

I’ve bombed on three fiction books, two by my otherwise beloved Laurell K. Hamilton, whose writing has finally completely jumped the fucking shark. I am currently trying to get engaged with a book suggested about a post-apocalyptic America. I figured it would be great material for my zombie campaign I’m running. But damn, I just want to shoot the main character.

My father also sent me a book about mountain men for my birthday earlier this year. He lives in a town of ~400 people in the Colorado mountains, and they shut the town down during the winter due to snow. His inscription: “This is how we live out here. Tough.” It makes me laugh, and happy that the only thing tough in my life is finishing a fucking book. I’ve yet to start reading his gift, btw.

I have Meghann Marco’s Field Guide to the Apocalypse on order from Amazon. There’s a good chance I’ll finish this one, especially since it seems like a soul sister to one of my favorite books, the Zombie Survival Manual.

So, what the fuck is wrong with me? It’s the damn Internet, I know it. That and video games. You were right, you right-wing fuckers, the Internet and video games have wilted my ability to pay attention for longer than thirty minutes. Speaking of which, time to troll my RSS feeds to see if any of my favorite sites have updated.

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  1. configuratrix says:

    But damn, I just want to shoot the main character.

    Oh, no! Sorry the book’s been annoying you. I sure hope you like my other recommendation (MM’s FGTTA:MSSFTEOTW) better.

    Sometime I should think about escapism in books v. games.