By August 16, 2006


I went out to see my friend Bond, and our mutual friends yesterday evening. We met at Arby’s, a somewhat fast food joint that we all like. The weather was cool and there was a breeze, so we sat outside. I ordered some roast beef sandwiches. I squirted some Arby’s Sauce on the bun — Arby’s Sauce is sort of spicy, vinegar-y, er … condiment. A couple of bites out of my sandwich and wanted more Arby’s Sauce. I up-ended the bottle, and out came a big chunk of spices. Or not.

It was a dead bee, that had crawled into the open nozzle of the Arby’s Sauce dispenser and died. I asked my friend’s wife to look away, and then spat out the large bite of sammich that was in my mouth. Bond took the bee-bottle inside and got me another. I ate the remaining three sandwiches without incident (or anaphalyactic shock).

Oh well, at least I get to use my “mutant insects” tag again.

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  1. Best Title Evar.


    “I ate the remaining three sandwiches without incident”

    Jeeeez you’re a freakin Hoover.