By October 24, 2012

Aromi Very Manly Solid Cologne Review

This is the only time you’re going to read the phrase “very manly” on this blog, especially as it pertains to me. However, I bought something on a lark (a phrase you’ll read quite often), and I want to tell you that it works pretty well.

I gave up using spray colognes when I was in my early 20s. I made the typical young male transition from Polo to Drakkar to Obsession to realizing that I should stop spraying fountains of stuff on myself and just make due with deodorant and a bar of soap.

Emerge from your time traveling machine, well over a dozen years later. I’m in a men’s store, near their outlay of double edge shaving products. I saw some really neat metal circular containers. My friend BigDubb has an epic-class mustache, and I thought the metal cans might contain mustache wax.

Instead, I found a bunch of solid colognes, and one of them smelled so good I brought it home — and I’ve been using it almost every day since.

Aromi is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based business that has a pretty big product offering, including traditional cosmetics as well as solid and liquid fragrances. As of this writing, there are nine male-oriented solid colognes, although some of the scents could definitely be unisex.

Using a solid cologne is pretty neat — you run your finger around in the 1oz metal tin and stop when you have enough stuff on your finger. Gone are the days of macing everyone prrff prrff prrff prrff prrff-style with a spray cologne. I usually run my finger in three small circles, or about enough product to coat the majority of the pad on my index finger. I rub my finger on my chest and that’s it — done deal.

The Very Manly scent has sandlewood, musk and bergamot as its main fragrance components. I have no idea what bergamot is, but the combination smells really good to me — and more importantly to Sedagive?, who is pretty scent-sensitive. Scent-sitive. Hrm.

As you can tell by the worn sticker on the lid, I’ve traveled a little bit with the Aromi cologne. Since it’s not a liquid you won’t have any trouble taking the Aromi through security, even if the total volume was greater than two ounces. I haven’t tried it, but you might be able to leave the Aromi in a carry on outside of your usual quart-sized bag of carry-on toiletries.

The surface of the cologne looks a bit wet in this picture, and that sometimes happens as the temperature goes up in my bathroom. As part of my double edge shaving routine I close both doors to the bathroom, crank the fan, and then let the room steam up. The added heat and moisture helps me with my tree-like facial hair, and I think it makes the Aromi cologne loosen up a bit, too.

One thing I don’t like about the cologne is how hard it is to open the tin with wet fingers. I apply the Aromi cologne when I’m done showering and shaving, and at the end of all the shaving prep I do it’s hard to get a grip on the lid. There’s a small metal lip on the lid, but it’s hard to pry open with short fingernails that have been made soft due to a long shower and continued exposure to moisture during the shaving process. I’ve worked around this by only slightly affixing the lid, but I wish there was a tab or something on the lid that provided better purchase.

I was conflicted about paying $14 for a one ounce container of the Aromi cologne, but it’s lasted a very, very long time. I bought the tin almost three months ago. As you can tell by the picture, I’ve barely made a dent.

You can buy Aromi solid cologne products from the Aromi Web site or at select retailers in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and a few other states.

Strongly recommended

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  1. Bond says:

    Compared to the price of a “normal” cologne, that’s pretty darn cheap.

  2. Bond says:

    By the way, I love their product names, you should have mentioned in the article that there is one called “Douchebag”. That’s a sale for me.

  3. ConFigures says:

    Earl Grey tea has bergamot in it. That’s what gives it its distinctive smell/taste.

  4. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the review, just ordered a tin to try. It’s also worth noting that if you buy from the website, she only charges one dollar for shipping.