By December 24, 2009

Ars Technica Sekrit Santa, 2009

Every year, I am impressed at the thoughtfulness of the gifts I receive from my Sekrit Santa. The amount of consideration from my Sekrit Santa this year is matched only by my embarrassment at not posting sooner. We’ve been preparing the house for holiday visitors, and between the painting and the unexpected kitchen sink explosion I have been very bad at not saying thank you.

Here’s how my Ars Sekrit Santa did a fantastic job this year.

See this guy? It’s a coconut monkey. No, it’s not part of my gift, but it serves as a totem of shame for anyone playing games at my house (which we do often). Whomever loses or does something really stupid gets to hang out with the coconut monkey. We’ve had nothing for winners or for people who do something really smart.

Until now.

This is a pirate puppet I got from my Sekrit Santa. It is extremely well made and detailed, down to the white tufts of hair on the beard. I doubt that I’ll ever have the “Good Job” pirate next to me, but for damn sure he’s going to give coconut monkey a run for his money.

Speaking of games, here’s Zombie Fluxx — a perfect match for this house. We all love zombies, and sometimes we have folks over who aren’t into more complex games. I am going to have eight people in the house this holiday, and Zombie Fluxx will absolutely get played. Heartfelt thanks for a thoughtful gift.

So, remember the sink in the kitchen? Yeah, the one with polybutylene piping that snapped off in my hand Monday, sending water everywhere? I should have used the Ninja Wheel to determine what to do. I could have put some of the suggestions to good use, like “Smash Something” or “Strike Quickly.” This is definitely going to work, and I guarantee we will be spinning the bejeezy out of it.

That’s it, yeah? Certainly more than I deserve. Well, this showed up yesterday:

EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! Daleks are my favorite Doctor Who critter, and damn if this thing isn’t cool. Who do you bet on in a board-game-smashdown-three-way-free-for-all: Dalek, coconut monkey, or pirate puppet?

My Sekrit Santa is from Seattle, Washington — which incidentally is where my stepsister lives. She’s been begging us to come out ever since she moved there, and if we make it out that way I would love for my Sekrit Santa to reveal themselves so I could properly thank them.

Until then, please accept my gratitude …. Ars has been great to me for over ten years, but things like this make it even more special. Thank you.

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  1. Selki says:

    Pirate swords and even the coconut monkey’s firearm wouldn’t due much against death rays from the Dalek, I fear.

    I have a tiny little gold Dalek made of whatever they used before Sculpey came along. Sadly, during some move or other its death ray arm was broken off.

    Sorry about the sink, but I’m glad you got such nice prezzies, and I hope the gathering was as much fun as it sounds like!