By October 10, 2006

Autobots, transform and ROLL OUT!

Well, that line is already taken, but the official Transformers Web site is running a contest wherein Transformers fans can submit a line to be spoken by Optimus Prime in the forthcoming movie. The voiceover work for Optimus will be done by Peter Cullen, the well-toned man who played Optimus in the cartoon series. The top ten entries will get voiceovers, with the best being used in the movie.

Sample fan submissions fade in and out at the top of the site; some are very cute “Megatron, when I’m done with you there won’t be enough left to even make a handgun!” some are jacknuts mouthing off, “Has anyone ever told you you look like David Hasselhoff?” and some are nods to the animated movie that proceeded the upcoming live action one: “you’ve got the touch … you’ve got the power.”

Thanks to Lady Jaye for the submission!

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