By June 5, 2008

Avian reapers

Every good horror film (and most bad ones) gets a sequel. Less than a year after the first installment, my dogs are somehow killing birds in the yard again.

Pearl was running around in the house about a week ago with my feather duster. I was about to get all pissed off at her when I noticed a fucking leg hanging out of her mouth. I asked her to drop it, and she went into the play position, wagged her tail, and bounded into the other room. I coaxed her into dropping the bird onto the floor. I put on a latex glove and picked it up with a double-bagged plastic bag (take that, San Francisco).

A few days later I retrieved another victim from Porter. This one was younger, and was freshly killed.

Starbuck was over watching the pups today. Pearl ran into the house with some bird guts in her mouth. Starbuck tidied up that little mess and heard Porter heaving at the back door. She let him out, and he dashed down the stairs and puked up all of his dinner. And the head of a bird. Understandably, Starbuck left that one for me to clean up. 😉

So, what the fuck? I guess if I believed last year that Porter and Rosie were hunting birds together it makes even more sense now that Pearl is in the mix. I need to analyze future remains a little more closely, but I think they are taking young birds that are trying to learn how to fly. Is this total bullshit? Are birds already full grown by this time a year? :shrug:
Cute face or Robinsbane?

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Hey, I didn’t pick that one up because 1) it was outside, 2) I was getting ready to leave, and 3)I was having dead bird gut flash backs. At least I called you and warned you about it 🙂

    You forgot about the time you were in Tybee and I was watching the dogs. I was letting the dogs in after feeding them breakfast and I thought Pearl was running in the house with dog poop in her mouth and I asked her to share. She ended up dropping a dead bird right in front of the door before she came in. Yes, I did clean that one up 🙂

  2. angelcity says:

    ‘Tis the season; yes, the little ones are just learning how to fly. The little flap-flap-thunk of the little ones hitting the ground and the subsequent activity is probably entirely too much for your deathhounds to handle. 😉

    Mine doesn’t have free reign of a yard, but he did go after a couple of little ones while on a leash the other day; he really wanted to have at ’em. A stern NO didn’t make much of a difference.

    Tell the birdies that they need to move their kids outta your yard. :/