By February 2, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Last weekend and tonight were important for one big reason: I’m getting back on schedule. I rode my motorcycles for the first time since Christmas break, and I did P90 for the first time in well over a week.

Laziness has been my downfall. I could have ridden a few times during the weekends between Christmas and now, but I was too tired, too lazy, too busy playing on the computer, or too cowardly. I bought a fair amount of cold weather riding gear and have been reluctant to use it. For example, I bought some TourMaster heated gloves and a heated fleece jacket, but after fighting with the cords on the gloves I’ve left them both in their packaging.

However, it was in the 50s on Saturday, and I didn’t need any specialized gear. I rode Adama, my Honda CB400T, over to see Starbuck at work. I took the back way there, as the 400cc sewing machine doesn’t really have the power I long for on the main drag in town. I laughed the whole time, throwing the tiny bike around turns and pinning the throttle back. Its dual exhaust sang the note of an angry goblin child and we motored through suburbia. That bike is such a hoot.

The weather was even better on Sunday — 60! I fired up Raptor, my BMW R1150R, and got reacquainted with the pleasures of cruising at highway speed. I had forgotten how it feels to be free of the “cage” of a car. I had forgotten what it is like to be nimble and free to use as much or as little as the road as I see fit to get from point A to point B. I felt so much safer on my motorcycle than in my Mazda. Even though space was limited, I had at least somewhere to go if something bad happened in my lane. The simple act of moving from the center of the lane to the left or right side has made the difference a few times between a wreck and an angry horn.

I guess the motorcycling gave me an ego boost, because I was back in front of the television tonight with Tony Horton and P90. I did the Hawaii edition, and will do Phase 1 tomorrow, followed by Phase 2 on Wednesday. I just finished workout #80, there are only ten left. I can fucking do this!

The weather is going to be crappy again starting tomorrow (30% chance of snow), but the light is at the end of the tunnel. February is the worst month for riding in Richmond, but it’s a short month. I’ll be back in the saddle full-time very very soon.

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  1. erin clare says:

    ONLY TEN LEFT?!? Awesome!!! Yes you can do this. You know you can. And you HAVE to post the after photos! 🙂

    And this is just a f’n perfect description of a your moto: “the note of an angry goblin child”. LOL.

    I’ll have to post one of the vintage bikes I was looking at getting last fall. Mmm…

  2. Starbuck says:

    Thanks for coming to visit me at work. I really wish I could have gone riding with you. Stupid work :/
    Great job with P90. I know you can do it. Once I motivate myself again, I will start P90 just in time for you to finish 🙂