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Badger Balm Healing Balm Review

Working in an office environment plus having naturally dry skin is a lethal double-whammy for my hands, fingers, and elbows. My skin was always splitting, either on my fingertips (from typing?) or in the skin between my fingers. It was painful and unsightly. I tried all sorts of hand lotions, finally using Jergen’s Ultra Healing Moisture Therapy after trying out a ton of readily available alternatives from Target and whatnot. The problem with Jergen’s was that it didn’t really last long. I’d have to reapply the lotion to my hands a few times a day. Plus it was kind of creepy having a big bottle of lotion next to my computer monitor. All I needed was a box of Kleenex.

Thanks to Lady Jaye, I found the Badger Balm Healing Balm at a Whole Foods grocery store in Maryland. You can find Badger products all over the place, I had just never thought to look for them. I think they might be displayed next to the hand lotions in our current grocery store, Ukrop’s, but generally they are marketed away from the rest of the personal care items.

There are a few things about the Badger balm that I wasn’t used to. First and foremost, it’s a cake instead of a lotion. I guess the “balm” part was lost on me when I bought to product and expected a cream ala Udderly Smooth. The primary two ingredients for Badger balm are olive oil and beeswax, and as such the cake is dense and a little greasy. I have found it best to put the small circular tin in my front pocket to warm it up a bit.

Application is easy, if a bit messy. The first time I used it I put too much on. The balm is very thick and greasy, and you have to be careful not to touch your clothing or anything you don’t want little greasy finger marks on. I had a hard time putting the balm on my elbows because it would funk up my arm rests. I’ve had the same tin for over a year, a single container will last you a long time.

So after I got over the whole greasy appendages part I really fell in love with the Badger balm. Instead of having to reapply lotion to my hands every few hours I just put the Badger balm on in the morning. It held up pretty well after repeated handwashing through the day, and sometimes I would skip a re-application after swimming. If you can go through nasty pool chlorine and be OK you know you’re dealing with heavy duty stuff.

My other (minor) complaint about the product is that it has a slight fragrance to it. I think it smells nice and herbally, but if you don’t like it the do have an unscented version as well.

Bee-yootiful qualities

  • Crazy combination of beeswax and olive oil will keep your skin from splitting open and oozing blood all over your keyboard.
  • Small tin is easy to carry around and durable — it won’t bust open in your travel bag and spoo hand cream all over the place.
  • You don’t have to re-apply the balm often.
  • A little bit goes a long way and one tin will probably last you over a year, if not more.

BADger Qualities (ouch)

  • Greasy. Don’t play with yourself after you put this on.
  • Scent may be too overpowering for some.
  • Doesn’t work well cold, but I’ve often put the tin in my pocket and then forgotten it was there. Several hours later, I realized I had a tin of Badger balm in my pocket.

Badger Balm Healing Balm, I smooth skinnedly award thee:

Four out of five STFU mugs!

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  1. configuratrix says:

    I picked up a tin of their Bug Balm for the next time I go camping.