By November 20, 2006

Bang on the drums all day long.

One of my sisters has an opera-class voice. She soaked up all the music genes, and while I have a decent sense of rythm, my musical ability pretty much stops there. I used to think I was a badass whistler until I was told I’m off key and flat. 🙂

So, seeing this video of a Lasse Gjertsen using video editing and sound samples of himself banging on a set of drums and a piano gave me hope. Gjertsen can play neither the piano or the drums. My favorite is when he cracks himself in the head with the drumstick, or maybe when he cries out “WHOO!” Sampling to create music isn’t anything new, but it made me smile. It generated some hope for those of us with more musical inclination than talent.

Big thanks to Lady Jaye’s father for sending this along to me today.

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