By September 15, 2008 P90 6-Day Fat Burning Express home workout review

I’ve put on some pounds, or at least some mid-section cushion, since going back to an office job. It’s been too easy to go out to lunch with co-workers. It also didn’t help that I’ve been ingesting incredibly yummy desserts since my birthday almost a month ago.

I was talking with my boss about it and she felt the same way — it was time to shed a few pounds. She purchased the P90 in-home boot camp. The set came with a “bonus” 6-Day Fat Burning Express program. My boss did it and lost six pounds in six days. I was curious, and she let me borrow it.

The routine is about forty minutes long. There’s a short stretch/warmup intro, then five rounds of calisthenic-type exercises, followed by a stretch/cooldown section. Each round is repeated once.

The program is considered “for beginners.” The majority of the exercises focus on the legs, but work out your core and upper body as well. The pacing and style of the routine is very well thought out. Each exercise has three modes: modified (easy), regular, and then plyo (OMFG). For example, there’s an exercise where you move laterally and reach forward, bending the front leg and keeping the rear leg off the ground. Modified mode means you touch your calf, or just bend forward. Normal mode means you touch the floor. Instead of stepping, you jump from side to side in plyo mode. You can also use a medicine ball or a resistance band to increase the difficulty.

The Fat Burning Express workout roughly alternates more- and less-difficult exercises. Coupled with the three different levels of effort for each exercise, you can push as little or as hard as you want. The program takes all of the thought and planning out of it, so if you decide to coast you can ramp right back up when you’ve gotten your wind back.

The routine is also fun, and I had a good time doing the workouts. The Fat Burning Express workout is led by Tony Horton, and he’s goofy enough to be entertaining without being annoying. A few times I thought I would just start up the program and do a half-assed job, but Tony’s energy was infectious. I played along with all the dorky stuff. I learned a long time ago that workouts go by more quickly (and less painfully) if you clap, yell, and smile as much as possible.

I took some before pictures, but I’m saving those for later. Let’s talk about the raw numbers, after six sessions.


I was surprised by the results. I didn’t expect any change after six sessions, to be honest. I didn’t expect my upper body measurements to change at all, so the little bicep bump was nice. I was impressed to lose an inch off of my thigh and a half off of my hips. I was happy because I carry my extra fat here.

The ad on claims you can lose “up to ten pounds in six days.” True or false? It’s possible. I didn’t change my eating habits at all. I only have about ten or fifteen pounds to lose, and that’s always the hardest bit to slough off. If you are just starting out exercising and are willing to adjust your diet, I could see losing ten pounds in six days.

I was happy with the Fat Burning Express and bought the base-level P90 work out online for about $70 shipped. I am looking forward to ninety days of sweating like a motherfucker. The program arrives later this week, so I may do another six sessions of the FBE as prep-work.

So far, the P90 system is recommended.

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  1. Markie says:

    When I saw the title of this, I thought you were talking about my newest toy, then I read further…

  2. Matt says:

    Some loser sent my wife this video with instructions to make me do it. 🙂

  3. charity seymour says:

    my husband is on the p90 diet and he is doing juss great with it but recently have been suffering with deadly this something to be expected from the new diet plan and work out…???cas it is getting kinda scary having him complain abput his headaches every day

  4. is it working out or just a diet plan? if it is both, do we have to do the diet plan?