By May 27, 2011

Beardageddon: Pulling a Harold Camping

Over a month ago I put out a call for votes about what to do with my beard. At least once a year, “Beardageddon” occurs, and I do something silly with my facial hair before shaving it completely off. Last year I liked the vote result so well that I kept it for two months. I shaved it in time for my Mother’s birthday party, otherwise I’m not sure how long I would have kept it.

This year something very different happened. I liked my beard so much that I didn’t want to change it. I’ve been trimming the sides and my mouth area down with the guide in the “four” position, and letting the front grow. Sedagive? helped me to braid two strands in the front, and at this point I’m not ready for Beardageddon.

However, when the time comes rest assured I will follow the results from the poll. They should be … interesting. 😉

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  1. Dave White says:

    Hey Blair.

    It has been ’bout ten years since I have shaved mine… I think I feel a beardageddon coming on myself. I just really enjoy not having to shave everyday . My kids have never seen me without it. Humph.

    I thought your tribute to Sue was great. She lives on through you. Take care.


  2. Selki says:

    Speaking of facial hair, you might enjoy this new preview clip for the Planet of the Apes PREquel: