By July 13, 2010

Bersa Thunder Ultra Carry Pro Update

Ten days ago, I wrote about the problem I had with my Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro in 45ACP. I am not sure exactly what was wrong. It could have been a problem at the factory with the slide bluing; perhaps the plastic bag and protective oil combined to stain the slide. I posted my issue to the forum on Bersa Chat. Some other Bersa users experienced a slight staining on their slides directly from the factory, but nothing they couldn’t remove. Mine seemed to be the worst of the bunch.

That was the bad news. The good news is that I received some outstanding customer service.

I purchased the Bersa Thunder from Davidson’s via their GunGenie program. Davidson’s took a deposit from me and shipped the Bersa overnight to a participating dealer. The local dealer completed the transfer and told me about Davidson’s lifetime warranty.

Now, Bersa already has a lifetime warranty that covers the original owner of their firearms. The thing that makes Davidson’s guarantee different is that if someone has a problem with the firearm they can send it back to Davidson’s. Davidson’s will either replace the firearm overnight or repair it at no cost.

I brought my Thunder UC Pro back to the dealer, who sent it back on Davidson’s dime. This is awesome for two reasons: usually you have to pay for the return shipping (usually reimbursed) and I can only send handguns out through a single UPS service center twenty miles away. It made things a lot easier when the dealer took care of this for me.

There was a problem, though — the Bersa Thunder UC Pro is very popular and difficult to get. Davidson’s sold out of their inventory of fifteen pistols in four days. Davidson’s was out of stock by the time they received my return.

I expected Davidson’s to tell me to wait until they had more in stock. Unfortunately this was sub-optimal for a variety of reasons. The biggest is that I have a multi-day shooting class in August and I need to have my handgun broken in and squared away before I arrive. You may remember that this whole handgun pursuit started was due to the magazine catch failure in my otherwise awesome Rock Island Arms 1911 Officer model.

Anyway, back to Davidson’s. Their response surprised me — I could either wait or I could get a full refund. I was totally shocked and happy. I had a hunch that the wait time on the Bersa was going to be long, so I took the refund.

Dealing with Davidson’s and my transfering dealer was super easy, both during the purchase process and during my return. I will look at them first the next time I intend to buy any new firearms.

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