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Blade-Tech S&W M&P Shield KLIPT and Nano Holster Comparison

We’ve owned Smith & Wesson Shield handguns for about two months. The ultra compact single stack 9mm pistol is easier to conceal than our usual Glock 19s.

The problem has been finding good holsters for appendix carry.

Most people carry their handguns behind their hip on their dominant hand side. I prefer to carry on the front of my body, near my appendix. I wear two G19s on the front of my body, with spare magazines behind my hips where most people carry their pistol.

Appendix carry demands a thinner, lower profile holster. Good appendix holsters also ride (sit) lower to the belt line, and often have a straight cant (grip angle). I am also picky about how the holster attaches to my belt, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

These attributes combine to make it difficult to find good appendix holsters.

We’ve had some success with Blade-Tech’s holsters in the past, and they are far easier to purchase than the made-to-order holsters I buy from Dale Fricke.

Here’s my review of the Blade-Tech KLIPT and Nano holsters from Blade-Tech.



The KLIPT is a very simple holster that retails for $30. When I bought it, the KLIPT was $39. As of this writing it’s only available directly from Blade-Tech. This means a long wait time: I ordered the holster on May 13 and the holster was delivered on May 22nd. Compared to Amazon this is an eternity.

The KLIPT is thinner than the Nano and sits closer to the belt line. These are things that greatly help concealment. Unfortunately I hate holsters with clips, as they don’t anchor to the belt as securely as other mounting systems and tend to rotate while being worn.

Top view of the Shield in the KLIPT holster

With size large t-shirt cover garment.

The butt of the Shield’s grip.

The KLIPT conceals pretty well, except for the clip. It pushes out too far, and will print when I wear tighter t-shirts.

Did I mention I really hate the clip mounting system?


The Nano only has two things going for it: it’s available on Amazon for about $60, and has two rubberized loops that are a far superior mounting system compared to a clip. Otherwise it sits too high and causes the Shield to print. I feel like it puts the Shield at an angle that makes it about the same difficulty to conceal as a Glock 19. That means it’s worthless to carry a Shield appendix style in the Nano holster.

As you can see, the Nano rides much higher on the belt line than the KLIPT.


The Nano also pushes the Shield further away from my body. Both of these attributes make the Shield easier to draw from the Nano, but causes the pistol to print as much as a compact Glock.

The butt of the Shield while in the Blade-Tech Nano holster



The Shield prints a LOT more than I’d like.

The Nano holster is already on its way back to Amazon. I’m keeping the KLIPT for now, but it’s not perfect, either. I feel like I’m going to have to spend the $100 + shipping to buy a holster from Dale Fricke.

The KLIPT is recommended if you don’t mind clips. The Nano is not recommended.

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  1. Justin says:

    The Archangel is expensive, but it’s worth it IMO.