By October 7, 2005

Blame it on the rain

I’m in Rockville today — despite the best efforts of the legion of fucktards who decided to play bumper cars on I-95, 495, and 270 on the way up from Richmond. It’s raining somewhat heavily today, and there were no less than eight accidents on the way up. The kicker? Four of them were single car accidents, including a Mustang who decided to run off the exit ramp by about 40 yards, and a white child molester van that did a 90 degree turn and ran smack into the concrete lane divider on 270. Traffic was limited to about 15 – 30 miles per hour for the last 50+ miles of my trip, roughly from Fredericksburg to Rockville.

Why all of the asshattery? It’s not like these people haven’t seen rain before. The rain wasn’t light by any means, but growing up in Oklahoma gives you an idea of what a real rainstorm is like. Droplets that splatter the size of quarters. Golf ball sized hail. Lightning flashes and thunder. Now that’s a rainstorm!

I have no idea why the rain brings out the worst in drivers in the DC metro area. When I lived up here, without fail, someone would crash into something if there was rain on the street.

It didn’t look like there were any fatalities today, although they had one lady on a stretcher. Given that no one achieved a faster peak speed of 50 for a long portion of my trip, I doubt any of the accidents were that bad.

I felt a LITTLE guilty laughing at a woman in the center lane of traffic today — it was pouring rain and her car had stalled about two hundred yards from an accident. She was totally bawling. It was like the sky had filled with furious angels and the end of man was upon her.

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