By June 18, 2013

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone First Impressions Review

I’ve been using the Pyle Pro PMHM2 omni-directional microphone for about six months now. I’ve worn it two ways (“wrong” and the “right” way according to my friend wurmr) with equal results. For Skype the microphone is a little on the faint side even after software boosting. For programs like Open Source Broadcaster, however, the mic was too low for good results. I had to boost the microphone gain in Windows, and then again in OBS. If I increased the loudness of my microphone too much it sounded bad, if I didn’t increase it enough no one could hear me.

I started doing some research on what other streamers are using, and the Snowball microphone by Blue Microphones came up quite a few times.

At nearly $70 it was expensive by my standards. However, the Snowball also came with a big stamp of approval: famous StarCraft 2 commentator and strategist Day9 uses one. He casts to a hojillion people several times a week, and it always sounded good to me.

I gave it a try, here are my first impressions.


The Snowball is pretty big. The base of the microphone is threaded, and screws onto the included tripod base. I’m under the impression the thread pattern is consistent with microphone booms, so if you’re one step ahead of me equipment-wise this may be important to you.

Setup was super easy — I plugged the Snowball’s USB cord (included) into the back of my computer. Windows 7 recognized the microphone. Like the Pyle Pro I had to boost the volume with software. I’m currently increasing the level by 3 in OBS. I am not adjusting the volume in Windows. Skype required no adjustment.

The microphone is placed about a foot from my mouth. The Blue logo on the front is pointed directly at my mouth.


Like I wrote before, the Snowball is pretty big. I have size 9 hands, for reference. I’d say the Snowball is about the size of a softball. It takes up more room on my desk than I’d like, especially near the front of my immediate work area.

I’ve been using the Snowball for over two weeks and I’ve been happy with it. There were reports of an echo with OBS, but that must have been fixed in a recent version.

So far, so good.


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