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Bodum Canteen Mouth-blown double-walled drinking glasses review

I made myself some tea the other day in authentic Japanese-style tea mugs. They are ceramic and don’t have any handles. It seemed awfully lame to drink white tea in a big ol’ American coffee mug, right? Except my simple mind couldn’t decide between drinking and setting down the totally hot mug that kept burning my fingers. That hairy barbarian handle is on mugs for a reason! Yeeouch! My tea would be borderline tepid by the time the sides of the mug cooled enough to touch them. I had to race myself to finish up before the tea at the bottom turned cold.

I was given a very nice gift this holiday that solves this problem, but may create one of its own.

Double-walled glass keeps your beverage hot (or cold) in the inner chamber while the outer portion stays cool to the touch. In the case of cold beverages, the outer wall is kept free from condensation. The glass cup keeps hot drinks warmer a little longer than their ceramic counterparts, but certainly not as warm as an insulated mug. You shouldn’t let your beverage sit long enough to get cold, given the cup’s small displacement.

I featured this little guy in my Aerobie Aeropress review.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but there’s a 260 pound man pressing down with a fair amount of force on the glass. They are durable as much as they are beautiful. The glasses are also extremely lightweight and feel like they are made of plastic. They are amazing to look at and hold.

The double walls work well. Really well. Too well. I made some espresso with the Aerobie (to the tune of about 190°F) directly into the glass. I jabber-jawed with Stilts for a bit, then reached down for my drink. The glass was cool to the touch. I have been subconsciously conditioned all my life that if the container is OK to touch, the drink is OK to drink. You have to re-train yourself very quickly when dealing with double-walled glasses. I swooped up the glass cup and took a hearty swig of 190° coffee. It tastes like burning!

So, I whole-heartedly recommend picking some up, with the same warning I told my customers at Starbucks: “the beverage you are about to enjoy is very hot, and please don’t throw it on your face.”

A set of two 3oz. Bodum Canteen glasses can be purchased for about $12 from or other e-tailers. Mine are 6oz and are very hard to find, but will run you about $21 shipped online. I believe the Canteen style is no longer made by Bodum, so if you really like it (like I do), then you should buy extras while you can. You may have to try eBay.

Thanks to Starbuck for such a great holiday gift, and for introducing me to the wonderful world of double-walled glasses.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    You are very welcome 🙂

  2. Ed says:

    Hmm, now that is tempting. That might be a nice gift for my lass.

  3. drfaulken says:

    They make larger sizes too, for wine or beer. I prefer mine without the handle, but you can get some with handles, also.