By February 5, 2013

Bounce to 8-Bit Music by Evan Pattison – a Review of Neptune

evan pattison neptune cover

I like showcasing music from regional artists, or from genres some of my readers may not be familiar with. I’ve even gone so far as putting my money where my mouth is — I’ve given away several singles, EPs, and full-length albums.

This time, however, one of my friends and long-time readers DigitalChris was the one with the recommendation. Artist Evan Pattison took inspiration from video games and put together a soundtrack to an imaginary game called Neptune.

In short: it’s bad ass.

You can listen to the album for free via Evan’s page and see if you like it.

My favorites are “Pires (Electric Stage)” and “Cargo (Train Stage).” I get a huge throwback vibe to MegaMan. While listening to Evan’s work I was transported back to my twelve year old self, mashing buttons furiously on my NES Advantage.

Take a listen, and throw Evan some bucks for his first album.


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