By October 14, 2008

Brick of the Living Dead: Zombie LEGO Apocafest 2008

I loved taking my expensive LEGO theme sets I was given as a kid and jumbling all of the blocks into a giant wooden box. I had the most fun building whatever I thought was cool instead of what the directions said. Sure, I’d build the set once, but after that it was into the box.

The spirit of a child (or a child at heart) crafting something out of imagination and a bunch of plastic widgets has crossed over to another one of my favorite things: zombies.
“Dunechaser” has constructed an incredible custom LEGO city that captures just about every zombie movie cliche you could think of. There’s a tower, a high-rise, a quarantine camp, a mall, and even a car with a zombie clutching to the roof.

I think this is super awesome. I like the attention to detail, like how some of the zombies are tilted back just a bit to suggest the stereotypical lurching gait. I’m also happy that they’re shambler zombies and not fast-moving zombies.

Check out the mall:

You can see the whole set here. Awesome stuff.

Thanks to Ars Technica member and regular Gibberish reader Agreschn for passing this along.

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