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Build Your Own Zombie Survival Team

This is actually kind of old, but is new to me so here we go:

Pick 12 other people + yourself to form a thirteen person zombie survival team. Let’s choose real people, shall we? No fictional characters, super stars or special forces folk unless you are a fictional character, super star or special forces folk. 😉

zombie survival team

  • Leader – My friend Markie. He has the best temperament for this job. He has a multi-faceted background, can organize, stays cool under pressure and can fight. I would carry on in this role if he died, but man I don’t want the pressure.
  • Brawler – my buddy Tank. He’s also one of my self-defense instructors, an expert tinkerer and armorer.


  • Weapons Expert – my friend and chief firearms instructor Erik.


  • Supplies – easy answer: my friend and instructor Hawaiian Punch. He’s very well organized and very knowledgeable. Between the two of us, we’d have everything covered.
  • Craftsman – my old Magic: the Gathering pal Bear. He’s an electrician by trade, gamer by choice, and bad ass by birth. People call him Bear, for chrissake’s.
  • Brains – shit, is this me? We’re doomed.
  • Medic – the Beckernaut is the only doctor I know of in the area and has access to a pharmacy. Aww yiss.
  • Car Guy – my friend Bond – a great driver and can ride shotgun if he has to.
  • Mascot – Sorry Bert, you’re it. You’re good with navigation and landmarks, and can serve as our illustrated historian.
  • Wonders What’s Happening – my friend Melanie, who is sweet as apple pie but would have no idea what was going on. I can’t wait to hear her nervous giggles turn into nervous laughter once the shooting starts.
  • First to Die – my high school friend Ty the Samoan. He’s on a timer anyway with a heart condition and I know that he would be totally brave in the face of overwhelming odds. He deserves to die like I remember him living — a warrior.
  • Bad Things Happen But Remains AliveSedagive? she endured being married to her ex-husband for 11 years. Surviving the zombie apocalypse will be a breeze compared to supporting a junkie, raising two kids and holding down a job while putting up with her shitty family.


  • Bites Zombies – my dad. He doesn’t give a shit about anything and if he’s tough enough to patrol a half million acres of wilderness by himself he’s tough enough to bite a zombie’s face off.


So, who’s on your team?

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  1. Ed says:

    Could I be the theoretically kindly head of another group you meet, that is actually ruthlessly evil and has discovered that zombies can be used for :

    1) Mill operations
    2) Porter operations
    3) And if head removed, emergency rations