By December 2, 2011

Bunn NHBX-B Problem Update and How to Clean The Rocker Switch

My Bunn NHBX-B coffee maker has been giving me problems for awhile. As I wrote about early last month, hot water poured out regardless if the lid was in the proper position or not.

Bunn’s customer service was responsive, and they attempted to help over email. They told me to remove the lid and make sure the rocker switch was clear.

I took the lid off and there was nothing to be found. I gave up for awhile and just compensated for the leak by filling the coffee basket before pouring water into the unit.

Then it occurred to me — what if they didn’t mean the lid I used three times a day, but the entire top of the unit?

Here’s how to clean the rocker switch on the Bunn NHBX-B coffee machine.

  1. Rotate the lid all the way to the back, and then lift straight up.

  2. Lift the entire top off. This was the “lid” the Bunn customer service team was talking about. The miscommunication is a typical example of a customer’s thought process versus someone in support. We call this a “mental model,” and since I only interact with the swivel lid my mental model led me to believe I was done with step one. A support person discusses the top of the NHBX-B frequently, so the meaning of “lid” is different for them.

  3. Remove the white rocker switch

    I already removed mine, you can see where it sits on that raised hump in the middle. It will pull up and off.

  4. Clean the feed hole

    Mine was COMPLETELY encrusted by deposits. I cleared the feed hole with a stainless steel grill skewer; if I were bright enough I would have thought of another way to do it. The sediment plug fell into my coffee maker, which means I’ll be ingesting that crap over the course of several pots of coffee.

I put a video together just in case you needed more help.

The outcome

Unfortunately this didn’t help the problem I have with the unit dispensing liquid when the lid was rotated back. It did help with the speed my coffee was brewed, and that’s a plus.

I am going to write Bunn back this weekend, and we’ll move on to the next step.

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  1. Greg says:

    DrFaulken, maybe I am stating the obvious or maybe because you didn’t specifically mention it… there is a clear rubber stopper at the end of the rocker arm that stops the water from going into the feed hole when the lid is turned.Any mineral deposits on the stopper may interfere with the operation/effectiness of the rocker arm. To remove the stopper from the rocker arm, it slides out (away from the rocker arm). I soaked it in white vinegar for a few minutes then rubbed the mineral deposits off and rinsed.

  2. DrFaulken says:

    Hi Greg!

    Thanks for the additional information about the stopper / plug at the end of the arm. I gave mine a cursory rinse, but I think your method of soaking it and then giving it a scrub is a better idea.

    Thanks for reading and for the suggestion! 😀

  3. Curt Lamberger says:

    Invaluable help — thanks. I was amazed to find that after years of use, and only cleaning from the sprayhead side with brush and vinegar, that the top was pretty clean. This part of California (Silicon Valley) must have good water. Just a little scale on the seating area of the rocker assembly. No leakage when filling now.