By March 1, 2007

Can you name all fifty US states in ten minutes?

Ironic Sans, which a pretty nifty site, by the way — has a 50 States in 10 Minutes quiz. The objective is simple: name as many states as you can in ten minutes. I got all fifty in 4:34. How’d you do?

Thanks to Evil_Superman for posting this in the Ars Technica Lounge.

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2 Comments on "Can you name all fifty US states in ten minutes?"

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  1. ms_lady_jaye says:

    Good job babe! I named all 50 in 5:02…blanked on the last one…of course it had to be the Commonwealth!

  2. Stomper says:

    Cool. I got them all in 4:40 – had to play with the spelling of Massachusetts to get it to let me finish.