By August 26, 2006

Can you tell me how to get to Gibberish street?

I like to review the access logs for Gibberish to see how people get here, and to see what they like to read.

My bump key article has gotten a lot of attention lately. Google supplies the points of entry to Gibberish with searches for “bump key set” and “bump proof locks,” and so on. Most of these readers don’t stick around for a second article, so I consider their transient visits almost throwaways. Still, it’s interesting to see how many people out there are interested in, and possibly afraid of, how easy it is to open common locks with a bump key.

So far, my favorite search terms used to lure a reader to Gibberish have been “gm speedometer piece of shit.” I have no idea why someone would think to query for that, but my 5000 mile Solstice review is the number six result for that particular combination.

With my recent bad experience with posted here, on Reseller Ratings, and Ars Technica, I expect an influx of some readers. Will they stay? Who knows, but at least I’ll be able to watch them, and hopefully learn more about what people want to read.

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  1. Agreschn says:

    Well, DrFaulken, I saw you thread over at ArsT regarding the bad experience you had at Came and read through the whole thing and have to say, my sympathies on the bad experience. That being said, I’ve used and for ordering modding parts online, and have had good experiences with both.

    On the note of influx of readers, let me just say I got home at 2:30 PM today, read your post, started to work on my essay, and spend the next 3 and a half hours alternating between reading your entire archives and working on my essay! The essay should’ve been done in 1 and a half, 2 hours at the max!

    Some very interesting stuff there and I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking in every now and then.

  2. drfaulken says:

    Welcome! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading Gibberish. Thanks for your suggestions about Diveneo and Modchipsource — I have gotten a lot of good feedback from the Ars community.

    Good luck on your essay 🙂