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Car floor mount for Garmin i5 GPS

It’s been almost a month since I bought my Garmin i5 car navigation GPS system. The i5 comes with a suction cup window mount. It worked okay on my Montero’s windshield, but it has a problem handling the sharp sweep of Lady Jaye’s Mazda 3S windshield. The GPS unit is uncomfortably out of reach when mounted in both vehicles. I started looking for other mounting alternatives.

I affixed Lady Jaye’s XM satellite radio receiver with a vent mounted clip. While this works well for the Roady 2, I didn’t want to take up another vent for the GPS. I was surprised to find that Garmin didn’t make a floor mount or screw-in mount for the i5. I turned to eBay, and was not disappointed.
The position of my i5 does not interfere with steering. I do have to reach around it to adjust the volume of my stereo.

I purchased a floor mount from mfauls on eBay for $34.90 plus $9.95 flat rate shipping. My order shipped promptly, and was well packaged. Installation was simple: partially unscrew one of the bolts that hold your car seat down, slide the fork-shaped base of the mount underneath the bolt, and re-tighten. BOOMSHAKALAKA! That’s all there is to it. Affix the backplane to your GPS, and it slides on. There are tensioning screws to hold your GPS at the angle and facing of your choosing. The stem of the floor mount is flexible. I have mine bent towards the center console a little so I won’t bump the unit with my knee.
The height of the mount is not adjustable.
A shot of how the floor mount attaches to the car seat bolt. Sorry about the dog hair ;).
That’s right. I write in my house pants.

I’m very pleased with the third party car floor mount for my Garmin i5. I wish the height of the mount was more adjustable. I would recommend mfauls also. If you have any recent Garmin (i series, possibly even the Nuvi series) you should be able to use this mount. I am sure that mfauls would be willing to answer any questions you may have.

Car floor mount for the Garmin i5 GPS, I bolt down
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