By December 27, 2013

Cards Against Humanity Combats Inhumanity

I was one of the lucky 100,000 to get in on the Cards Against Humanity 12 Days of Bullshit promotion this year. The promotion was $12, and they sent me (or tried to send me) one day for every day leading up to Christmas.

Of course, the USPS fucked it up, but hey, CAH tried.

The items were really cool, including a bunch of holiday-themed cards and a card specially printed with my name on it. They also sent me posters depicting some of their most infamous cards, a group / party game we’ll never play, some lumps of coal and a newspaper comic.

Today I got another envelope from CAH, and was pleased to read this:


$100,000 to a charity that helps get school supplies for kids. Pretty awesome.

This letter was especially interesting to me today. Sedagive? and I were at Minneapolis’s premier comic, game, and miniature store today and listened to the store owner tell us how terrible Cards Against Humanity was as a game as well as a company. Most of his diatribe centered around CAH not offering a wholesale product to local game stores and that the company supposedly hiked the prices of their products by $10 across the board during the holidays.

I don’t know about true the first statement is. I know the latter statement is a lie, since several of you bought Cards Against Humanity and the expansions based on my last minute gaming gifts post.

Anyway, after hearing someone bash on the game and the company it was nice to see the letter about the donation. I wonder how much money the LGS owner has given away this year.

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  1. Selki says:

    We played that game Sunday morning — one of us had also bought the 12 Days thing, and we kept re-shuffling her name back into the top 10 of the deck, each time it was played.