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Case Logic Shuttle reversible laptop sleeve review

Not every purchase is super sexy, like a new motorcycle, a handgun, a mobile phone, or sweet audio/video equipment. Sometimes you have to buy a piece of kit that does the job for the least amount of money and the least amount of fuss.

I have a work-provided laptop, which came with a work-provided Targus laptop bag. The laptop bag was problematic for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t like looking like I am carrying around a laptop in public.
  2. I don’t want people mixing my bag up with the other fifteen standard Targus laptop cases in the scrum room.
  3. I don’t like being like everyone else unless there is a good reason to follow along.

So, I bought myself a second Timbuk2 messenger bag big enough to hold my laptop and a bunch of other junk. The NEW problem was that the messenger bag wasn’t as padded as the Targus bag and I didn’t want my work machine to get banged up.

I needed to buy a laptop sleeve that provided a sensible amount of abrasion resistance for the least amount of money. I didn’t want a zipper, snaps, a handle, pockets, or anything other than a sleeve to slip my notebook into.

I bought the Case Logic Shuttle reversible laptop sleeve from NewEgg because I was buying some other stuff from them and figured I’d save on shipping and get all my shit in one go. Little did I know that the sleeve would drop-ship from another warehouse and wound up taking another three days to arrive. I should have gone out and bought a sleeve at Wal*Mart or some other big box store, but I digress. This post is about the sleeve itself.
The sleeve is brown on one side and sort of orange-y on the other. The description said brown and orange, but it’s really like … not orange at all.

The sleeve is made out of neoprene and has a reasonable amount of elasticity to it. You’ll notice that the sleeve doesn’t appear to close all the way. This is because the sleeve is built to hold from a 15″ to a 15.4″ laptop, and my work machine is the smaller 15.” Just like in other things, I find myself wishing for another 0.4 inches. The fit looks goofy, but it does the job.
The sleeve is butt-simple, just like I wanted. You slide the laptop in and pull the other side over snugly. The laptop has never slid out. I have never had a problem with other stuff in my bag slipping in through the slight fitting gap. Without zippers, velcro, or snaps, this is as about as simple as you’re going to get for a laptop sleeve.

The Case Logic Shuttle was $17 before shipping from NewEgg, who no longer carries this product. There is a similar all-black product but it has a zipper. Separate shipping ran the total slightly over $20, and I feel like I could have found something similar (and more orange-like) locally.

I’d recommend the Case Logic Shuttle sleeve if you’re looking for a simple, effective way to protect your laptop from bumps and scratches. Just check around locally before you mouse over to your favorite e-tailer.

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  1. Configures says:

    I just bought a lovely pair of orange “dress” Crocs today (not the garden clogs), to match one of my new favorite shirts (sleeveless orange mock-T neck, knit)! I like the cheerful exuberance, though one of my sisters seems to find it a bit too bright. I would be a bit disappointed in the sleeve pictured above if I had been expecting orange. I do like the pullover functionality (no zipper etc.) of your sleeve, though.