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Case Star Silicone Skin for Kindle Fire Review

Sedagive? and I have a totally First World problem — we own many of the same mobile devices. We both have HTC Droid Incredibles, both have Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones, and now there are two Amazon Kindle Fires in the house.

When my Kindle Fire was the only one in the house running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) it was a little bit easier to tell whose was whose. Sedagive?’s Fire had the stock user experience, mine looked like a regular Android device.

That is, until she asked me to root her Fire. Now we had two devices that looked almost exactly the same we turned them on.

I decided to try to find a case that was just small enough to allow me to tell our Kindles apart.

Here’s my first try: a silicone skin by Case Star.

Keep in mind I didn’t buy this to protect my Kindle Fire. Sure, the squishy silicone may help keep the back and edges from getting scuffed up, but I use my super awesomeface Fire-sized rooCase when I tote my Fire anywhere.

The case has cutouts for the power button / micro USB port on the bottom:

as well as the two speakers on the top:

It fit on very easily — and that made me nervous. I was concerned that the skin was too loose, and sure enough it was.

You don’t have to apply any pressure at all to get the skin to separate from the Fire. The skin pulls away when the Fire is held in portrait mode, and it doesn’t feel very stable. This is my number one complaint about the Case Star silicone skin. If the skin was tighter, I might be able to get over my number two complaint: that the orange is damn ugly.

The Kindle Fire is .448″ thick based on my measurements. Putting the Case One skin on increases the thickness to .584″ — not a huge increase, but it was enough to make it very difficult to put the Fire in my back pocket.

The last thing about the case is that the silicone is slightly tacky. I expected this, as we have many silicone implements in the house. However, the additional “grab” made it hard to put the Fire in my rooCase.


I removed the Case Star skin after two weeks of use. It held up well, and certainly helped identify whose Kindle was whose. The fit was a major drawback for me, but for $6 it may not mean that much to you.

For now I put a Protoss sticker on the back of my Kindle, but the search will continue.

Not recommended

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