By May 16, 2007

CBS’s Jericho baleeted

Entertainment news source is reporting that CBS’s “Jericho” has been cancelled. “Jericho” was about a small town struggling to survive after multiple nuclear terrorist attacks. It ran for one season. I’ll avoid spoilers in this post in case you want to go back and catch the season one episodes.

Sure, the show had its faults — the pseudo-science made us groan, and I thought we were past the days when a car windshield would stop a bullet — but “Jericho” was a publicly accessible way to address disaster preparedness. The Hawkins character exhibited some “classic” preparedness behaviors, such as having a safe room, go bags, supply stockpiles, and at least two bug out locations. It’s easy to assemble all of that when you are in a Hollywood tv program, but maybe it made someone think, “what would we do if we had to stay indoors during the winter with no heat and little food?”

“Jericho” also brought up many issues that are often ignored in the survivalist genre. I particularly liked how bartering (or bartering deals gone wrong) was handled, as well as what happened to refugees. When it was unlikely the entire town could survive winter on meager food supplies, “Jericho” had the guts to discuss exiling forty refugees to certain death. The crux of the show was making the better of hard decisions, and there was nothing clean about the choices the town made. Even the town mayor election was handled in a believable, panicky manner: the town’s choice may not have been the best for the long term, but people wanted action and voted for the man who promised to do something, even if that something was wrong. I also liked how paranoia and distrust set in almost immediately. Setting aside the fantastic elements of the show, such as the underground network of terrorists and counter-terrorists, crazy satellite technology, and whether or not plastic will stop nuclear fallout, “Jericho” was an enjoyable and provocative bit of television.

I hope that “Jericho” sparked some sort of preparedness discussion with even one of the homes that watched the show. I doubt there will be enough fan activism to get the show back on the air, but perhaps the writers will come forth and address the huge cliffhanger at the end of season one.

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  1. Stomper says:

    Hey if you haven’t heard you might be happy by this news. It’s back for the summer, starting in July.

  2. Thomas P says:

    Yah, it was only back for a short time though stomper. Its to bad that yet another great show is canceled before its time.