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Chessex Pound of Dice

We’ve been playing a lot more role-playing games at the house recently. My friend Ajar is running a larger game, and we just kicked off a smaller campaign last week.

You know what every gaming table needs? Dice. Lots of them.

The “Pound-O-Dice” offering from Chessex seemed like the most cost-effective way to put a lot of dice in a lot of hands.

The Pound-O-Dice is an assortment of dice shapes in an assortment of colors. They are supposedly mistakes or factory seconds, but in reviewing mine I couldn’t find any faults except that they were ugly.

The vast majority of the dice were standard sized. There were some D6 dice that were about 50% larger than the rest, but no big deal. Most of the D6 dice had pips on them. I prefer the ones with numerals on them, but again that’s not a huge deal. Other people who bought a Pound-O-Dice reported getting very small D6 dice or weird dice like a D30. Luckily I just got a bunch of standard-shaped and standard-sized dice. They were just ugly 😉

Here’s the breakdown:

  • D4 x5
  • D6 x34
  • D8 x11
  • D10 x21
  • D10 (percent) x7
  • D12 x5
  • D20 x20

Total count: 103 dice

There was also a nice set of “first quality” dice that shipped with the bag. They were the color of Cookies & Cream ice cream, and Gojira pounced on them immediately.


For less than $20 shipped via Amazon Prime, the Chessex Pound-O-Dice is an inexpensive, easy way to bolster your dice collection. The dice were all of good quality. This is not the offer for you if you want really beautiful dice, or if you want dice that match. This set is best for game masters who need to supply a bunch of players (or themselves) with dice. These would also make great loaners. I have a few 5- or 6-dice sets now because I loaned a die out and it never came back.

For reference, a Chessex set of 7 dice runs between $5.35 and $10.50 on Amazon right now. Assuming the lower end of the spectrum, that’s about $90 to get the same quantity of dice I got for $18.85.

Strongly recommended

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