By December 15, 2006

Cool day for deliveries

I love December, because a hojillion packages get delivered to my joint. Between my usual Internet purchases, we get a boost from seasonal gifts and whatnot. Today, however was especially awesome for a few reasons.

Okay, starting at the shiny stack of somethings on the left: 1.5TB of disk space, thanks to Seagate. They will form the backbone of my new Solaris 10-based ZFS/RAID-Z file server. Expect an expletive-filled synopsis of that once I finish building that setup. The SATA II controller card is to its right; it was a super cheapie, but apparently Solaris 10 will recognize the chipset. Here’s to hoping.

We’ve got my curio and relics federal firearms license information on the right (books). I got my actual license earlier in the week, which made me pretty excited. It arrived in half the estimated time, I guess one side benefit of the post 9-11 big brother government is that they can do background checks more quickly than they used to. That was a jab, for those of you with a low sarcasm detector.

Not pictured are the two smoked pheasants my father sent us for the holidays. They are vacuum-sealed, but I put them in a separate zip lock back apiece and threw them in the freezer. I’m not sure what our dining plans are in the next week or so, and I don’t want them to sit in the fridge if we’re not going to eat them right away.

Lastly, and most importantly, is that big red monolith you see behind everything. It’s a Microsoft 4000 keyboard. My buddy Stilts took my bitching about the Microsoft Curve 2000 to heart and ordered the 4000 up for me off of Thanks buddy 🙂 I’m typing on it right now. There are cushions on the wrist rests. It’s like typing on a couch.

PLUS, my Lady Jaye came home today after being gone all week. I missed her so much :\

So, it was an awesome day — great stuff, my gal came home, and I ordered a special treat for myself that I’ll review later. I am posting this now in order to cheer myself up tomorrow when Solaris has kicked me in the junk.

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